When you start a search on Google, the auto-complete feature takes a guess at what you’re looking for based on what the majority of other people searched for by typing in the same thing. The results are often hilarious, but also telling in that it represents what most people are thinking. I thought I’d get a read on the pulse of America through auto-complete.

An Article on The Atlantic did an experiment by typing in: Why is (insert state name) so…as a way to gauge how most people felt about the states. They found that people wanted to know why Pennsylvania was so haunted and, strangely enough, good at wrestling. I decided to take it a step further and see what the results were in the top four for bastions of liberalism.

“Why is California so,” netted a result of “strict.” People also wanted to know why the state is broke. Illinois is corrupt, liberal, broke, and flat according to auto-complete. New Jersey is bad, liberal, and ugly while New York (state not city) is liberal and dirty.

Going to liberal cities, we find that Los Angeles is boring and a dump. Chicago is dangerous and bad. People really want to know why San Francisco is so gay and they also are interested in why Baltimore is so black. As for our nation’s capitol, inquiring minds want to know why Washington D.C. is so liberal and “ghetto.”

I was having fun with this so I expanded the search to include politicians. Screw the polls; this is what Americans really think about our elected officials. The number one auto-complete for California Senator Dianne Feinstein shows that people want to know why she is so stupid. They are also interested in why she is so against guns. I’m guessing they are related.

People want to know why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is such an idiot and so unpopular. VP Joe Biden puzzles folks with his stupidity and rudeness. They also have to know why super-liberal Rep. Henry Waxman is so ugly. Not to be outdone in the looks department, Hillary Clinton is also perceived as ugly by auto-complete as well as just plain bad. Democrats is general are considered stupid. It doesn’t matter how you type it in; democrats, liberals, progressives all bring the same result.

The best one by far happens when you type: Why is Obama so… Auto-complete tells us that the people of America want to know why our President is so arrogant, bad, hated, and evil. His policies didn’t fare much better. ObamaCare got tagged as bad, expensive, and complicated. I couldn’t agree more. As for the First Lady, auto-complete lets us know that Michelle Obama is ugly, mean, and angry.

There are about 6 billion Google searches performed every day. The auto-complete feature is based on previous searches, so it’s an excellent indicator of what’s on people’s minds. Judging by my little experiment I think that the results are spot on: Obama is evil, Chicago is dangerous, and Hillary is ugly.

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