Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Her Whitewater, Benghazi and Email Scandals… Then This DISGUSTING Thing Flew Out Of Her Mouth


Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is… well let’s face it- SHE’S A COMPLETE SCUMBAG and on so many levels, it’s insane. At a campaign stop in Littleton, New Hampshire the evil witch of Benghazi was visibly irritated by a question from an audience member about her scandal ridden past.

The sheeple in the audience were stunned by the man’s question and Clinton responded in a typically disrespectful, narcissistic manner.

Clinton told the questioner to go back three decades to the previous century and read up on her ancient history. Clinton also lied to the man by saying all the scandals ‘washed out’, covering up the numerous convictions and plea deals from investigations of the Clintons and their associates, including her husband former President Bill Clinton who copped a plea with a special prosecutor, was impeached, disbarred and held in contempt of court.


Question: “Um, you said earlier that you wanted to end corruption, but how can you do that after the Whitewater scandals, Benghazi and the deleted emails?” (Groans from the audience.)

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A perturbed Clinton stood up and answered:


“Well, I wish you’d go back and read the history of 1990s, because clearly uh, there (five second pause for applause from lib crowd), there were unfortunately a lot of partisans who uh, thought that the best way to work uh, with my husband’s administration was through attacks of all kinds–all of which washed out.

“I was elected to the Senate in New York in 2000, and uh, New York is a pretty tough place to run for office from.”


Clinton finished with an imperious command and sat back down:

“And I advise you to go back and read my 11 hours of testimony [to the House Select Committee on Benghazi]. I hope you enjoy it.” (Loud applause and cheers. For what? I have no idea.)

Video of the exchange was posted to YouTube:

YouTube video via GOP War Room

How disgusting is that woman? My God, who would actually WANT that thing as president? Unbelievable…

The bottom line is that she lied. 

Rep. Jim Jordan asked Hillary some questions during the hearing of the House Select Committee on Benghazi that, without any doubt, prove that Killary LIED HER PANTSUIT OFF!

Ruby Cramer of the liberal rag, Buzzfeed live-tweeted the exchange, expressing shock at the man’s legitimate question and reported Clinton and the lib audience’s reactions. What d-bags.

The Hill reported that a spokesman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) said the question is evidence that the American people do not trust Clinton. Well, no American with any commonsense trusts her.
“Hillary Clinton’s trust deficit with the American people caught up with her again today, and she refused to give voters a straight answer about the FBI investigation into her secret email server or any of her other scandals,” RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement Thursday.
The FBI is investigating whether Clinton transmitted classified information over a private email server she held while secretary of State. She has denied any wrongdoing. Of course! She’s a filthy CLINTON! 

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