UNREAL: Hillary Says We Need To Learn The DIETS Of Muslims To STOP TERRORISM


Hillary Clinton has lost her damn mind, seriously.

Between her 47 excuses, and counting, for losing the election, her firm belief in unproven conspiracy theories, and her irrational fear of make believe boogie men the left created, it’s evident she’s mentally unfit to run the country. Thankfully she wasn’t elect.


However, as if the aforementioned issues weren’t enough to convince people that she needs some serious mental help, the following story about her claiming we need to learn Islamic cuisine to help stop terrorism should be.

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I wish I was joking.


Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars has more as he delivered a stinging rebuke to this insanity:


Hillary said the best way of combating terror was to “reach out to the world” in order to “understand” people living in foreign countries.

“Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food,” she added.

One wonders what kind of “cultures” Clinton is referring to? Maybe the ‘culture’ of Bacha bāzī, where elderly Muslim men dress up young boys as girls and then rape them? Or could she be referring to female genital mutilation? Another expression of Islamic ‘culture’ now endorsed by imams living in America.

“This is not a time to lash out, to incite fear or to use tragedy and terror for political gain,” said Clinton, a comment obviously aimed at Donald Trump and anyone else who has correctly identified political correctness and tolerance of Islamism as creating a fertile ground for terrorist attacks in the west.

Maybe Hillary is right. Maybe we don’t need to arrest the thousands of jihadists who walk our streets. Maybe we don’t need to stop terrorists who have fought alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq from returning to the west.

Maybe we just need to get a better grip on the dietary habits of Muslims.

Jesus. This lady done lost it.

We should all be thanking our lucky stars that she’s not in the White House, for we’d be in serious trouble as she empowered terrorists and attempted to silence critics of Islam.


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