BREAKING: Hillary Just Got BAD News After Donors Make MASSIVE Demand To Her… She’s Toast

Suspicious Clinton Donors Want to Investigate How She Blew $1.5 Billion in Campaign Donations…


The fallout from Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented loss from her bid for the presidency is causing an internal revolution among her big donors. Most have witnessed the unprecedented blame game from the Democratic party.

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At Hillary’s New York bash to “thank” her big donors of $1 million or more, she took no blame upon herself or her own actions, instead choosing to point the finger at FBI Director James Comey and Vladimir Putin. Many are already onto Hillary’s antics and her spin did not fly even a little.  She has lost a lot of credibility according to sources. They were smart enough to realize that even if Russia truly did “hack” John Podesta and the DNC emails – if there was no wrongdoing? There would be nothing to report on or discuss.  They noticed the most damning thing of all — all the leftist mainstream media and the Clintons want to discuss is HOW the information came out, not the actual CONTENT it revealed.

 Now it seems Hillary’s biggest backers want a “campaign autopsy” in the form of an audit. Imagine that! They want the Clintons to actually be accountable for where their money went!  This audit could potentially expose the entire Clinton crime family operation!
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Of particular note, these donors are demanding to know where Hillary spent the near $1.5 billion in campaign resources she collected in the final months of her campaign. They want an accounting of expenses in the form of receipts and with it, they are demanding an open and honest investigation of how Hillary failed to deliver on election day.  Most notably they want to know how Hillary failed to read the mood in swing states and how her Brooklyn operation completely misread polling data.
These donors are not buying “the Russians hacked the election” story and put are chalking that excuse up to the political equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.” They know that Putin isn’t the only explanation for her failure and it’s certainly not even the most logical.  Many of these donors are putting the blame where it rightfully belongs and pointing squarely at Hillary for her failures and shortcomings during the elections.
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Hillary actually never even traveled to states like Wisconsin and spent almost as much time “resting” as she did campaigning, if not more. The inside scoop being told is that fundraisers are cutting off all donations to the Democratic Party until this audit takes place and the results are known. They aren’t accepting the excuse of Comey and Putin any longer.  They made a significant donation and they expected results.  They don’t want to hear any more excuses.
To add insult to injury, foreign governments and their donors are now cutting off any and all donations to the Clinton Foundation. At long last, it seems the Clinton Crime Family reign of terror has come to an end.  Bill Clinton is losing it, publicly mocking President-elect Donald Trump’s intelligence. “Trump doesn’t know much,” Bill Clinton said of Trump. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”
It seems that known sexual deviant Bill is keeping it racist and gender oriented. It seems that progressive leftists never seem to get that it’s because of their policies and their utter lack of moral compass that is of issue.  Race and gender really do not factor in.  It seems rather obvious to anyone paying attention that the Democratic party is pissed about this audit and the potential wrongdoing and criminal behavior it could uncover.  The Clintons are pissed because the gravy train has come to a screeching halt and all of them are scrambling and lashing out at the most available target.  In this case, it’s President-elect Donald Trump.



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