After Hillary Faints From “Overheating”… Washington Post Made BOMBSHELL Announcement- ICYMI


Hillary Clinton’s collapse on Sunday morning at the memorial services to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks has now catapulted questions about her health into a front page campaign issue.

According to spokesman, Nick Merrill —

Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment and is feeling much better.”

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After 295 days of no press conferences and staying out of public eye, not to mention it was only a balmy 77 degrees at 9:45 AM when she departed?  I don’t think overheating was the issue.  Merrill’s statement leaves out key details as well, such as, a) it came 90 minutes after Clinton left the ceremony b) reporters — or even a reporter — were not allowed to follow her and c) the temperature in New York City at the time of Clinton’s overheating was in the high 70s/low 80s.  Then she leaves her daughter Chelsea’s apartment with claims that she is  “feeling great” and waving at the crowd.


That’s who liberals want? Look at her! She looks insane!


After the events of today combined with the lengths to which Hillary has gone to stay out of the public eye, conjecture has gone wild and the journalistic scrutiny has only increased.  It seems there is validity to the claims of significant health issues for Hillary. It also raised the even larger issue with just how bad is the health issue with how secretive Hillary’s campaign managed the incident.  The lack of information always makes people prone wonder whether something more serious is being kept hidden and the rumors run rampant.

Even liberals are admitting there is a problem- check it out!

Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post – “I wrote dismissively of that conspiracy theory in this space last week, noting that Clinton had been given an entirely clean bill of health by her doctors after an episode in which she fainted, suffered a concussion and then was found to have a blood clot in late 2012 and early 2013.

Lol “Conspiracy theory…” yawn. (Dean James III%)

Coughing, I wrote, is simply not evidence enough of any sort of major illness that Clinton is assumed to be hiding. Neither, of course, is feeling “overheated.” But those two things happening within six days of each other to a candidate who is 68 years old makes talk of Clinton’s health no longer just the stuff of conspiracy theorists.

Whereas Clinton and her campaign could laugh off questions about her health before today, the “overheating” episode makes it almost impossible for them to do so. Not only has it come at a time when there was growing chatter — with very little evidence — that her health was a problem but it also happened at a 9/11 memorial event — an incredibly high-profile moment with lots and lots of cameras and reporters around.


Clinton may well be totally fine — and I certainly hope she is. But we are 58 days away from choosing the person who will lead the country for the next four years, and she is one of the two candidates with a real chance of winning. Taking the Clinton team’s word for it on her health — in light of the episode on Sunday morning — is no  longer enough. Reasonable people can — and will —  have real questions about her health.”


Chris Cillizza wrote this on Tuesday morning:

The simple fact is that there is zero evidence that anything is seriously wrong with Clinton. If suffering an occasional coughing fit is evidence of a major health problem, then 75 percent of the country must have that mystery illness. And I am one of them.

Well, that is no longer operative. Context matters. A coughing episode is almost always just a coughing episode. But when coupled with Clinton’s “overheating” on Sunday morning — with temperatures something short of sweltering — Clinton and her team simply need to say something about what happened (and why the press was in the dark for so long.)

Seems as if Cillizza is coming around! Jump on the TRUMP TRAIN! He doesn’t drink or smoke! Perfectly healthy baby!!! 

Hillary’s campaign and their unwillingness to be instantly forthcoming may well make the media and voters who had previously laughed off talk of a health problem suddenly take it a lot more seriously. And as the New York Times’s Adam Nagourney tweeted on Sunday morning, now might be a good time for Clinton to release a fuller record of her medical history.

“Feels like a good day for Clinton to release her medical records and call on Trump to do same.”


So this is real my friends. No conspiracy theory. This woman has major health issues and CAN NOT become president-PERIOD!

h/t – Washington Post


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