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Well It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Is The WORST Candidate To Have Ever Run A Campaign

What’s the first thing you think about when you think about what a politician is supposed to do?  No, not lying, but that was a fair guess.  They’re supposed to help determine, craft, pass, and enact policy that makes American lives better.  What’s something that Hillary Clinton didn’t seem capable of doing throughout her campaign? Just that!

According to a well-respected center-of-learning, Wesleyan University, the 2016 Presidential race was an outlier for a number of reasons.  Not the least of those reasons was the glaring ineptitude of the Clinton campaign which seemingly ignored everything important about governance while hoping to waltz right into the White House.  Think back for a second.  How many times over the course of the election do you remember Hillary Clinton saying that “she would look into it” when prompted on a particular issue?  Too many to count, particularly when the primary season was rushing by and she was ensuring she had super-delegates to rig the system.


What about when that horrific leak sprung? Remember how she said it was important to have a private and public stance on an issue? Horrifying right? Well, apparently she decided that the 2016 campaign would be different.  Clinton opted to not have any stance at all!

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What’s more is that not only did Clinton refuse to talk about the issues, she also refused to even air any ads in states that suffered the most from economic failures of the Obama administration.  In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania she practically phoned it in, only airing ads on the last week of the election cycle.


The Study, conducted by Wesleyan’s “Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics” describes Clinton’s decision making as unlike any seen in recent history. Look at the dark grey bar all the way to the right — that’s how often Clinton talked about person attacks.  The little white bar? That’s how much of her time was spent discussing actual policy.  Now compare that to Trump’s bar.


One of the most salient points in the study is that even though Clinton did outspend Trump, her message was entirely off target:

Even though the ad advantage may have been in Clinton’s favor, it does no good if the message does not resonate with voters. Of course, the jury is still out on how effective Clinton’s message was, but evidence suggests that negativity in advertising can have a backlash effect.

In other words, Trump offered hope and policy.  Clinton offered nothing and “not Trump! He said P*ssy!”  It probably didn’t help that she was married to a rapist either.

Unfortunately for Clinton and fortunately for America, trying to argue that the better candidate said some worse words isn’t an effective strategy. The sheep have grown into wolves and nationalism is the new path to success.


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