WATCH: Hillary LOSES IT After Lone Protester Screams THIS At Her… Crowd ERUPTS


It seems as Hillary’s campaign continues to unravel and her bid for the presidency gets further out of her reach, she is literally unraveling before our eyes, showing the world how truly nasty she is.  An unhinged Hillary Clinton erupted on a protester at her Fort Lauderdale, Florida rally on Tuesday night after he accused her husband of being a rapist. This is what happens when Hillary steps out from behind the teleprompter.

At a campaign event Tuesday night, a Trump protester shouted, “Bill Clinton is a RAPIST.” Anyone that knows how to use Google or has paid even the slightest bit of attention since the 1970s knows that repeated allegations of sexual assault and predatory behavior have been levied against Bill Clinton. The Clintons even had to pay one of Bill’s victims $850,000 in a lawsuit filed by Paula Jones in the 1990s.  Yet, in spite of all of that Hillary hears this accusation levied against Bill and unleashes a verbal tirade of epic proportion straight from the bowels of hell!

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“You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive vision from people who support Donald Trump,” she shouted before she was drowned out by the crowd. “We are not going backwards, we are going forwards!” she yelled shrilly as she pointed directly at the protester.


“So how do we do that? For the next seven days, we focus on what is important. Don’t get distracted. Don’t get diverted. Focus on the country and the world we want to help create,” she screamed at the crowd.

Interesting to note, she didn’t see fit to defend Bill against the accusations that he is indeed, a rapist.  Perhaps because she knows it’s true?

It seems Hillary likes to yell and get in people’s face when she doesn’t like what they have to say.  This incident is reminiscent of a previous episode with a Greenpeace activist back in April.  When the activist questioned Hillary about fossil fuels, Hillary got in her face, pointing and yelling at her. The exchange was documented on video and published by Progressive Report —

“Thank you for talking about climate change,” the woman off camera said in the video released by Greenpeace. She then asked the candidate if she would go back on her word and not have “fossil fuel money” in her campaign.

“I do not have — I have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies — I am so sick,” Clinton said, no longer smiling or posing for the camera, her public persona long gone.

“I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me! I’m sick of it!” Clinton yelled, pointing in the woman’s face.

As this election draws to a close and the presidency slips further from her grasp, I expect we will be seeing more of the shrew and less of the public persona that Hillary puts on in the days to come.

h/t – American Mirror

God Bless.

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