BREAKING: Hillary In PANIC MODE After Obama Drops TRUTH BOMB On Her… Liberals TICKED

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The final days of Obama’s presidency are here folks and we couldn’t be more thrilled! 8 years of hell are about to come to an end. 

But it’s what Obama will do in these final days does have us very concerned. I’m afraid he wants to go out with a BANG and there are plenty of moves he can make that we will be left to deal with once he’s finally gone.

For example, will Obama pardon Hillary Clinton? Can he issue what’s called a ‘blanket pardon”?

Well, check out this report from my colleague Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:

After everyone from Jesse Jackson to the terrified mainstream media to prominent Congressional Democrats have called upon Obama to issue a blanket pardon for Hillary Clinton, he finally admitted that it’s not possible to pardon someone who hasn’t yet stood trial for a crime.

And while Obama was referencing a potential pardon of Edward Snowden with his comments, one could assume that the law should be applied the same way for all U.S. citizens. “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves, so that’s not something that I would comment on at this point.

I think that Mr. Snowden raised some legitimate concerns. How he did it was something that did not follow the procedures and practices of our intelligence community. If everybody took the approach that I make my own decisions about these issues, then it would be very hard to have an organized government or any kind of national security system.”

Ford pardoned Nixon.

Just sayin…


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