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Another Mysterious Clinton Insider Almost Dies…Here’s The Fast Facts

Hillary’s henchman David Brock has suffered a massive heart attack — and that’s confusing because I wasn’t aware he had a heart.  I don’t blame a heart for trying to escape from the black hole found in the center-mass of that demon though.  I would have attacked him too if I was in the position.  Brock survived though, we’re awaiting word on whether the heart was so lucky.  Just kidding. 

For all you Hillary supporters that want this man to die before he folds like a wet paper towel under the interrogation of President Trump’s Department of Justice, have no fear.  According to WebMD:

“Heart attack patients face the highest risk of dying from sudden cardiac death within the first month after heart attack.”

Look, I’m sure some of you aren’t very happy to hear he made it, but I for one am glad he recovered.  He can’t die until he’s allowed to testify or until we can put him on the chair to fry for treason.  Here’s why…

Why You Should Care About This David Brock Guy:

Brock became famous (infamous really) for running a massive online army of bots and interns that were tasked with “correcting the record” on Hillary.  By ‘correcting the record,’ Brock meant lie about her.  He was basically operating a Communist Party’s  Ministry of Truth. This guy is an evil man that would harass people on the internet in order to silence those that criticized Clinton.  If you tweeted or posted an article about Clinton and had tons of weird accounts that you had never encountered before contact you…you can thank Brock for that.  Oh, he called these people “his army of nerd virgins.” That’s a real quote.

After he gave up on Clinton and Correct The Record, Brock transferred all of his money, his army of nerd virgins, and the offices he ran his enterprise out of into another PAC he controlled. From there he founded an organization called ShareBlue (hereafter referred to as ShariaBlue).  ShariaBlue has a master plan for “stopping Trump and disrupting his administration.  Do you get it yet? This guy is legitimately evil.  He promised they would “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”  That’s another actual quote.  See? Evil and crazy.

Meet David Brock. If Paul Revere Saw This Guy He Would Shout The British Are Coming!  If Putnam saw him, he wouldn’t wait to see the whites of his eyes.

He also looks like he wears a powdered wig but I guess that’s none of my business really.  Anyways, his entire plan revolves around attempting to get Trump impeached and using what he calls the digital attacker to do it.  I guarantee that some “digital attackers” will try to reply in the comment section below. They can chew on a brick though because we’ve pretty much blocked all of their favorite words to scream.

Brock survived the heart attack and is expected to recover.  All he needs now are another six hearts donated from his nerd virgins and maybe he will live as long as David Rockefeller.

But seriously folks, can this timeline get any better? Rockefeller kicks it.  Brock has a heart attack. Trump is vindicated on his wiretap claim.

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