BREAKING: Hillary Just Got SICK Revenge On Trump, This Is NOT Good…


The State of New York seems to have it in for Donald Trump.  Now the New York attorney general has given notice to Donald Trump that his charitable foundation is violating state law.  The law in question, you ask? Well, apparently in New York one must have “proper certification” in order to solicit donations. Funny, but his charity has been in existence for more than 20 years and the New York attorney general is JUST NOW having an issue with proper certification? The timing on this seems suspect at best.

The attorney general’s office has ordered Trump’s charity to cease all fundraising immediately as of Monday. James Sheehan, head of the attorney general’s charities bureau, sent a “notice of violation” to the Donald J. Trump Foundation as of Friday.  This is according to the notice provided by the press office of the state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D).  Schneiderman as you might have guessed, endorsed Hillary – Color me NOT surprised! He also serves on Hillary’s leadership counsel in New York and he has a history of picking fights based on politics. Funny, how the Clinton Foundation hasn’t been cited for “proper certification” nor has any of the Clinton Foundation’s blatant and flagrant disregard of New York law governing charities been addressed with regard to identification of foreign donors.


According to News 5

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A Scripps Washington Bureau review of tax returns and regulatory filings found that year after year the Clinton charities have ignored New York law and related instructions. However, the office of Attorney General Schneiderman, a Democrat whom Hillary Clinton named to her campaign’s “leadership council” in New York, did not respond to Scripps’ questions about the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), which has never publicly disclosed in New York filings the identity of its foreign government contributors or the amounts they give each year. Scripps also discovered CHAI did not report hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign government donations to the state.


However, Schneiderman’s office said it considers the Clinton Foundation, which is a separate charity, ‘in step’ with state rules.”




According to the Washington Post

According to tax records, Trump’s foundation has subsisted entirely on donations from others since 2008, when Trump gave his last personal donation. This year, the Trump Foundation made its most wide-ranging request for donations yet: it set up a public website,, to gather donations that Trump said would be passed on to veterans’ groups.

But the Trump Foundation never registered under article 7A of New York’s Executive Law, as is required for any charity soliciting more than $25,000 per year from the public. One important consequence: Trump’s foundation avoided rigorous outside audits, which New York law requires of larger charities which ask the public for money.”

It seems between the New York Times publishing illegally obtained tax documents and the New York attorney general’s office filing a cease and desist against Donald Trump’s charity that New York is in an all out witch hunt for all things Trump. It makes a person wonder if Hillary Clinton didn’t call in a few favors from her time in New York as a state senator and current New York resident. It seems especially suspect given that in 1995, the New York Times wrote an article about Trump calling him “The Comeback King” and singing his praises. Isn’t it interesting that the Washington elite never had any issues with how Donald Trump ran his business, whether or not he paid taxes, or ever labeled him a racist until he chose to take on them on and run for president?





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