Hillary’s “I Helped The Children” Story a Total LIE And This Bombshell Report Is Rock Solid PROOF…


Here’s something you don’t see every day. In fact, you NEVER see this but a notoriously liberal magazine has actually slammed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s claim that as first lady back in 1997, she worked with then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to craft a bipartisan adoption bill meant to help children.

Again, this is a MAJOR liberal site that notoriously WORSHIPS Hillary.

According to Mother Jones, the Texas Republican, who served as the House majority whip and was known as “the Hammer,” spent some of his congressional tenure trying to impeach the president for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been invoking DeLay’s name a lot lately to demonstrate that she can reach across the aisle to work productively with anyone—even Tom DeLay.

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It’s a great narrative. As the story goes, Clinton, as first lady, set aside partisan differences to find common ground with DeLay even as he was mercilessly attacking her husband and obstructing his agenda. By the campaign’s telling, the pair first worked together on an adoption bill that became law in 1997 and helped thousands of foster children find loving homes. Clinton has been telling the story on the stump for more than a decade now, but it’s been especially prominent during this presidential campaign, emphasized repeatedly by the candidate and her surrogates, most notably by her husband Bill, who brought it to prime-time TV during his Democratic National Convention speech last month.


There’s just one problem with the story: It isn’t accurate. Over the years, the tale of Tom and Hillary has grown in mythic proportions, as Bill and others have conflated dates and confused events in a way that makes a better story but vastly overstates the relationship between DeLay and Hillary Clinton. “I don’t remember ever working with her” on that bill, DeLay told Mother Jones.

NO! Hillary lying? It can’t be!

DeLay totally denies working with Clinton on the bill. His recollection about the foster care work is backed up by legislative and White House records, video archives, and confirmed by several people involved with the bill. The Clinton campaign did not respond to a request for comment.


Clinton has continuously told this lie to show that she is able to ‘reach across the aisle’ and that she care about children…

“I worked with Tom DeLay, one of the most partisan Republicans in the congress, to reform the adoption and foster care system,” she said during a February town hall. “We never became friends, but we did something good for a lot of young kids who had better lives because of it.”

Rachael Ztoltzfooz at Daily Caller reports that DeLay said, “I never talked to her, other than us being at that television interview that both of us thought was kind of weird,” he added, referencing an interview after they hosted a screening of a movie regarding the plight of foster kids when Clinton was in the Senate in 2003. “And I would remember. I have no knowledge of working with her other than that.”

Similarly, Clinton has been dealing with negative blowback on an anecdote in her upcoming book claiming she had a conversation at a dinner party with former Secretary of State Colin Powell in which he advised her to use a personal email account. Powell and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have both publicly said they don’t remember the exchange.

V Saxena at Conservative Tribune adds that this woman has been cold busted, and any attempts by her to pawn this new scandal off on the right will not work this time around. Furthermore, even her husband, former President Bill Clinton, has participated in this lie.

“She and Tom DeLay got together, and one of the happiest bill signings I ever did was signing the bill they agreed on,” he said during a stump speech in New Hampshire last year.

Wow …

If this whopper — one that involved children, I might add — doesn’t finally certify to liberals that the Clintons are nothing but liars, then there truly is no hope for them ever waking up.


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