BREAKING: Historic Building EVACUATED In This State Due To BOMB THREATS- Here’s What We Know


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — A world famous museum has been evacuated due to a bomb threat. The bomb squad has been deployed. 

The Getty Center, which is in the affluent neighborhood of Brentwood, on the coast of Southern California received a phoned threat just before 3 p.m., according to Los Angeles Police Department Officer Drake Madison.


The center has been evacuated while the bomb squad investigates the terror threat.

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Brentwood is extremely liberal so when the tweeted, it was politically correct but in reality was dangerous.


Check it out:

“Getty Center is closing early today due to threatening phone call. Visitors are currently leaving on advice from @LAPDHQ; staff to follow.”



No, it was a bomb threat you filthy morons and we all know who issues bomb threats- ISLAMIC JIHADIST SAVAGES.

And trust me, there’s plenty of those scumbags in So Cal.

Yeah, Brentwood. Home to 1000’s of liberal celebrities including the murderer OJ Simpson.

Check it out: 

At 12:10 a.m. on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside of Nicole’s Bundy Drive condominium in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Brown had been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck, and had defensive wounds on her hands. The larynx could be seen through the gaping wound in her neck, and vertebra C3 was incised. Both victims had been dead for about 2 hours prior to being discovered by police. Robert Riske, one of the first two officers on the scene, found a single bloody glove, among other evidence.

Detectives went to Simpson’s Rockingham estate to inform him that his ex-wife had been murdered. In the back of his home, they found some blood scattered all over on a white Ford Bronco. Detective Mark Fuhrman climbed over an external wall and unlocked the gate to allow the other three detectives to enter in with him. The detectives argued that they entered without a search warrant because of exigent circumstances—specifically, in this case, out of fear that Simpson might have been injured also. Simpson was not present when the detectives arrived early that morning; he had taken a flight to Chicago late the previous night. Detectives briefly interviewed Kato Kaelin, who was staying in Simpson’s guest house. In a walk-around of the premises, Fuhrman discovered a second bloody glove; it was later determined to be the match of the glove found at the murder scene. Through DNA testing, the blood on this one was determined to have come from both victims. This, together with other evidence collected at both scenes, was determined to be probable cause to issue an arrest warrant for Simpson.

Simpson, while waiting in his bedroom, invited longtime friend and police officer Ron Shipp for a private discussion; Simpson jokingly told him, “To be honest, Shipp, I’ve had some dreams about killing her.”

Yeah. I was living in Brentwood at the time of these murders. I lived less than 5 minutes from that bastard.

Anyways, when we have more info on the bomb threat we will update you- until then, carry on PATRIOTS!

God bless.

(OJ info from Wikipedia)

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