Hollywood Scumbag Teams Up With Traitor Democrat- Wants All Conservatives Labeled THIS

Anti Trump B-Rate Actress Liberal Hack Sophia Bush


In a shocking statement, anti-Trump Hollywood star Sophia Bush is advocating for labelling Republicans as terrorists, seconding Rep. Jackie Speier’s (D-CA) recent use of the term “the terrorist right” to describe the GOP, Breitbart reports.

The One Tree Hill (never heard of it or her) actress tweeted Monday that it was about time that Republicans get slapped with the “terrorist” label. She was responding to a tweet from Rep. Speier who asked: “The Republicans have been calling Democrats the radical left. Time to call Republicans the terrorist right?”

That didn’t take long!  It sure does appear that if a person is republican, conservative or hell, even loves the United States and freedoms, that you are now targeted as a “political extremist” which now makes you a “domestic terrorist”.

Is it me or does it feel like 2020 closed and 1984 Orwellian nightmare began?

The Daily Wire reported that Speier’s tweet was met with a swell of support on social media, including from “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush, who said in response, “It’s been time.”

This is not a joke nor can one simply laugh off the Biden administration and the executive orders and mandates that have already been passed.  Biden is the President of The United States AKA The Commander In Chief which defacto equals power over the citizens.

It does not matter if a person does not recognize him as president, blunt truth is, he wields the sword and his administration looks on all citizens as cattle.

Ok, back on topic.

Sophia Bush’s incendiary language comes as the left steps up calls to treat conservatives as terrorists following the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill. The left-wing MeidasTouch PAC put out a social media video saying that the current GOP is no different than ISIS, while actor Sean Penn compared Trump supporters to al-Qaeda.

Rep. Speier is a democrat (COMMUNIST) out of California and she is calling all republicans domestic terrorists.  Let that sink in for a second. The Biden administration has already put into place these type of anti white, anti American draconian orders.

We have been warned for years that the democrats agenda was to dismantle and rebuild the U.S. with their elites controlling the media, Hollywood and the government.

See how fast this is all happening?  It is staggering at the pace they are implementing their own control not just over the citizens but the republicans as well.

Exactly how are they achieving “peace and unity” with saber rattling and rhetoric such as this?  Our nation is in crisis and “We The People” are not just divided but also targeted.

Has this always been the political game and people just ignored it?  I admit that in my lifetime I have not always paid attention to politics so maybe it is.  One thing is for sure, 2021 with the Biden administration will be historical, but what side of history will it be on, is the question we all now face.

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