HOLY HELL: Dems Vote Unanimously For CHILD SEX Traffickers- Here’s The Details


Americas Freedom Fighters are determined to do whatever it takes to end this sickening pandemic of child pornography, predators, abuse and child sex trafficking and we believe that bringing as many of these cases to the spotlight it may very well make a difference. We owe it to our innocent children and we will never stop fighting!

Well here we have another story about what filthy scumbags Democrats are.

Steven Ahle at The Beltway Report

This should not come as a surprise to anyone considering what an important constituent child groomers are to the Democratic party. That group includes teachers, pedophiles, and drag queens. Without them, the Democrats stand no chance in the midterm elections whatsoever. You stick with what you know best.


Rep Chip Roy wanted to increase the penalty for those who traffic children for sex. This new penalty only applied to actual traffickers and not child pornographers or your run-of-the-mill pedophiles. You know, the kind that can’t resist sniffing a young girl’s hair or whispering secrets into her ear. Therefore, the only reason you could possibly have for voting against the bill is in defense of those who make money pimping out young children.

Roy’s bill would have raised the minimum sentence for trafficking children from 10 to 15 years upward to 15 to 20 years. Child trafficking leads to the kidnapping of young kids and making prostitutes out of them. One girl was recently kidnapped while attending an NBA game with her family. That kind of experience can scar a child for life, but what is a little scarring compared to another Democratic voter? The bill would have also raised the maximum sentence by five years.

This should not come as a shock because the Democrats voted unanimously for new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who once apologized for giving 3 month ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence to a pervert convicted of possessing hundreds of files of child porn. She has a long history of going soft on pedophiles, whom she believes are not really criminals.

BREAKING: Prominent DEMOCRAT Arrested For RAPING 15-Year-Old Boy – IMMEDIATELY Gets RELEASED On Bail


From The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Roy blasted his colleagues on the Judiciary Committee following their decision, noting that this situation “defies all belief.” Keep in mind, this legislation would not have affected the punishment for child porn or other evil offenses, it would have only strengthened the law in regards to child sex traffickers. How could anyone, who’s not an evil pedo-apologist sexual deviant, be against such a measure?

With that in mind, these are the Democrats who unanimously killed the measure with no explanation whatsoever:

From Rep. Roy:

“I mean, as a father of two, as a former prosecutor, it defies all belief, all common sense that you would say that someone who traffics a child in the sex industry – actually puts a child into that environment for that child to be sexually abused – that that individual should not have a minimum sentence or 15 years.”

There’s simply no excuse for the Democrat Committee members’ decision to shoot down this measure… And, it comes in an election year, no less. One thing’s for sure, the radical Dems have absolutely no concern about course-correcting or pumping the breaks on their destructive agenda despite getting shellacked in the polls – they can’t even take a chill pill to appropriately punish one of the most evil offenses in society… No need to worry though, especially with the midterm variant nearly here and, of course, those handy-dandy mail-in ballots.

The way the Left is steamrolling ahead with absolutely no regard signals that they are awfully confident there will be no such thing as a red wave in November. In fact, the NYT came out this month projecting “a bluer picture” this November – one in which the Democrats are poised to pick up seats in the Senate once the votes are tallied – ergo, planting the seeds to be able to claim everything worked out the way it should have, despite polls showing a massive red wave is practically inevitable in a non-rigged system.

These Socialists are sick in the head.

Absolutely unbelievable.




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