Homeless Man Approaches Stranded Single Woman, Her Life Will Never Be The Same

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Here is a story that should make you think twice when you see a homeless person. A young lady, Nicole Sedgebeer was stranded all alone after a night of drinking because she missed the last train home. What happened next is amazing!

This is her story as posted on her Facebook page:

I hope this story makes people look twice when they see a homeless person. Last night I missed my last train home and when I finally got to Euston to wait till the morning, the station was locked.

Just as I was about to burst into drunken tears I met my homeless friend Mark. He said he would take me to a cafe that was open as it was too dangerous to walk by myself.

He left me after a coffee and a chat and explained that he had to go get his sleeping bag but he would be back at 5 to walk me back to the station. (Me being a typical bitch didn’t believe he would come back) It got past 5 and he was a no show.

As I got round the corner my homeless friend Mark was running down the street towards me. Not only did he turn up but he had to get a bus to come get me.

This man who I probably would of avoided eye contact with if he asked for spare change, completely changed such a negative event into the most eye opening event in my life.

Mark you are one special man, I will never look down on a homeless person again This was also his first ever selfie!

Nicole and her new friend Mark Photo credit/ Facebook

Nicole and her new friend Mark Photo credit/ Facebook

Wow! Absolutely amazing.

It’s important for all of us to remember that every homeless person is someone’s son or daughter. It’s sad that a person can end up homeless. But it does happen, even to perfectly normal people.

It’s a tough world out there, made even tougher with substance addictions, loss of employment, marital problems etc.

We don’t know why Mark is homeless but we do know that he is a hero.

We wish the best of luck to this man and ask our Lord and Savior to keep a watch over him and keep him safe.

He is obviously a great man.

God Bless. 

(h/t Metro)


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