HORRIFIC VIDEO: Fort Worth Police Shoot Homeless Man’s Dog For No Reason


“Get your dog and wrap him up!” Unbelievable…

By Cassandra Fairbanks / Free Thought Project –

Fort Worth, TX– A heartbreaking scene from February 5, captured on an officer’s body camera, was recently released to the public.  The footage shows several Fort Worth officers raiding the camp of Lonnie Reynolds, who is homeless, and Officer Edward P. Martinez, Badge #3343,  shooting the man’s dog, Shadow.

The shooting takes place around the 2:40 mark.

YouTube video via Global News

Shadow, a 7-year-old stunning Pitbull and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was camping out in the woods with Reynolds when heavily armed officers crept up on their tent.  The officers were there due to a tip that Reynolds was illegally camping, and his dog was not on a leash.

The Forth Worth cops had their guns drawn as they loudly announced themselves, startling the dog who bolted out of the tent.  As soon as Shadow ran out, Officer Martinez aimed his shotgun and shot him.

Reynolds, clearly shocked, crawled out of the tent- unable to walk as he did not have time to put on his prosthetic leg.  Shadow returned to Reynold’s arms, despite the dangerous officers who just injured him still being present.

“Get your dog and wrap him up, we’re going to get your dog some treatment alright?” One of the officers tells the man after they shot his best friend.  They offer the man no assistance for several minutes, despite the man’s leg being amputated below his knee and being unable to walk.

After approximately 30-40 minutes, the officers finally brought the dog to a veterinarian for treatment, where Reynolds and his ex-wife, Robin Ollar Fairchild, were told there was little hope of recovery.  They ultimately made the decision to euthanize their pet in an attempt to save him from further pain and suffering.

Reynolds and Fairchild are now actively seeking justice for Shadow. They want the officer who fired the shot to answer for his actions of excessive force and animal cruelty, according to their petition on ThePetitionSite, which currently has 4,338 of their goal of 10,000 signatures.

Please share their story and help surpass the goal to assert that we are tired of the heartbreak and the worrying about our animal’s lives being at risk.


There is also a Justice for Shadow Facebook page you can visit and send your support.

What if this had been Reynolds popping out of the tent in confusion, would the jumpy officer had taken his life as well? 




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