Hosts Of ‘The View’ REFUSE To Accept Reality, Offer RIDICULOUS Post-Election Analysis


The hosts of ABC’s “The View” are likely suffering from PTSD after losing the election framed as a referendum on President Trump, and their blathering commentary on Wednesday seemed to suggest.

Democrat Jon Ossoff was handily defeated by Republican Karen Handel, and liberals across the country haven’t been handling it well at all. In fact, most have gone into denial and tried to claim that the loss was somehow a win even though Democrats spent over $35 million on the race, making it the most expensive House election in our nation’s history.


Of course, “The View” hosts were no different.

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According to the Washington Free Beacon, they were beyond dismayed at the fact that a millennial newcomer to politics, who didn’t even live in the district and lacked a clear message, was unable to defeat a career Republican who actually represented the interests of those living in Georgia’s 6th District.


It started with outspoken Trump critic and delusional moonbat Whoopi Goldberg having issues recalling the last time a Republican won a close special election, but was soon reminded that it happened in Montana. Then things went downhill from there.

“The strides [Ossof] made are more proof that there are people coming in and making a difference,” host Sara Haines said.


However, Ossoff led in some polls heading into the race, and overall more than $30 million went into what was ultimately a losing effort.

Host Joy Behar said the fact remains that the Democrats are winless in House races since President Donald Trump took office.

“If you’re using Donald Trump as your basis for your campaign, I don’t know if it’s working,” she said. “I don’t think people are going towards the Democrats in enough numbers at this point, and it’s a problem.”

Host Sunny Hostin pointed to the high education level of the district as a sign that it is more likely wealthier and more inclined to vote Republican, although 13 of the 15 best-educated districts in the country are represented by Democrats.

“Generally speaking, Republicans vote in bigger numbers than Democrats, so the trick is to get these people to the polls,” Behar said.

Goldberg again chimed in and said that she didn’t see the loss as a loss, but instead as “slow progress,” whatever the hell that means, which was met with loud applause from the audience. Soon after, libertarian host Jedediah Bila said Ossoff had a messaging problem and couldn’t decide if he was or wasn’t anti-Trump.

You can watch the entire segment below, if you think you can stomach it:

It’s apparent that the left learned absolutely nothing in November, and they don’t appear to have learned anything this time around either. It wasn’t the weather, bigotry, racism, or anything of the sort that caused Ossoff to lose – it was the fact that Democrats have been oozing hatred and causing division for over eight years now, and people have finally had enough.

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