Hours After Beyoncé’s Anti-Cop Show, Cop Nearly Killed For What He DIDN’T Do

There’s little question whether or not law enforcement officers have a dangerous job, and whack jobs like Beyoncé don’t make it any easier when they show support for thugs and criminals. Hours after she went on stage and gave a controversial anti-police performance, an officer found himself fighting for his life, and it’s directly related to an action that he didn’t take.

Breaking 911 has the story from Mesa County, Colorado, where Deputy Derek Greer was responding to a call about a suspicious armed man walking along a busy road. Deputy Greer heard the man’s description come over the radio, then he contacted a male who matched it, and a short interaction ensued.

Hours After Beyoncé’s Anti-Cop Show, Cop Nearly Killed For What He DIDN’T Do

Deputy Derek Greer (Image Credit: Breaking 911)

At that point, Greer told the suspect that he was being detained as a part of a routine weapons inspection, which didn’t sit too well with him. When the suspect tried to flee the scene, Deputy Greer, for reasons unknown, made a nearly fatal mistake – he didn’t draw his service weapon.

Instead, likely due to outside political pressure, Greer pulled out his taser and attempted to subdue the suspect with it, but it was to no avail. Even after being hit with the electrical charge, the suspect turned around and fired numerous shots at Greer, hitting him multiple times.


When other deputies, who were responding to the initial call, arrived at the scene, they found Greer lying in a pool of his own blood and barely alive. Greer was transported to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, where he remains in intensive care.

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Deputies were able to track down the 17-year-old suspect who had fled on foot. He was taken into custody without incident, and numerous charges are pending for the shooting of Greer.


Greer is a Navy veteran who has been with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department since 2001. He has two children and a wife, and to our knowledge, hasn’t had any disciplinary issues with the force.

So isn’t that nice? Granted, we aren’t sure what caused Greer to hesitate in drawing his weapon, but it’s hard to ignore the elephant in the room, especially considering that whenever an officer shoots a suspect, the main question from the anti-cop crowd is why they didn’t use their taser instead.


Well, here’s your answer. Until you walk a mile in an officer’s shoes, don’t try to armchair quarterback their job. Those critical of law enforcement have no idea what it takes to face evil daily, yet they want to make demands over what decisions they are and aren’t allowed to make.

But let this sink in – what happened to Greer would become all too common if the folks against law enforcement were to get their way, and sadly, it seems like that’s what they want. Why else would they advocate to give criminals, thugs, and otherwise bad people an unfair advantage over those tasked with keeping our communities safe?

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God Bless.


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