BREAKING: Hours Before Debate We Discovered SICK Secret Chris Wallace Is Hiding…

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Tonight marks the third and final presidential debate to be held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas between presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The debate is to be anchored by Chris Wallace of Fox News and host of the show “Fox News Sunday.”  He is the first anchor from Fox News to moderate a presidential debate. If you have never heard of Chris Wallace, here are some things you should know in advance of tonight’s debate —


Presidential Debate Throws Spotlight on Chris


  • Wallace is the son of legendary “60 Minutes” news correspondent, Mike Wallace, and has been a television news fixture himself for five decades. Wallace started his reporting career at  WBBM in 1975, the CBS-owned television station in Chicago where John Kennedy and Richard Nixon participated in the very first televised face-off of White House contenders
  • Wallace was featured as the Washington anchor for NBC’s “Today” in 1982.  He was with “Today” for about 9 months before becoming a moderator for “Meet the Press.”
  • Wallace is a registered Democrat. Wallace once explained his party registration as, “Where I live, in Washington, D.C., the only elections that count are the Democratic primaries. But I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans for president.”
  • Wallace once grilled none other than President Ronald Reagan himself  while serving as a White House correspondent for NBC News in the 1980s.  He got President Reagan riled up by asking a simple question after the U.S. had intercepted an Egyptian airliner.
  • Wallace has stated that “Trump is Trump, and he runs a campaign much more on personality than on issues. He is just different than anyone I’ve ever covered. Clinton can also be difficult and has during this campaign been less-than-eager to engage with journalists in a setting that would allow for deep, expansive revelations.”

When Wallace greets the two presidential candidates on Wednesday evening,  he will do so under a great deal of scrutiny.  That scrutiny in part because of his affiliation with Fox News and the contentious relationship that the news network has with the left, but also because of recent information brought to light via the Wikileaks data dump of emails from Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta.  In those emails, collusion between the Hillary campaign and the leftist mainstream media has been shown to an alarming degree, showing that investigative journalism is now dead and the media is most definitely for sale.

Chris Wallace will be one to watch this evening to see if he lives up to the Fox News mantra of “Fair and Balanced” or if he’s just Act 3 in the Dog and Pony show.

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