House Questions Feds’ Spending $700,000 on “Climate Change Musical”

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Just in case anyone was checking, we’re still running massive deficits.

Aren’t we? Then why does anyone allow even a single penny out of government coffers without serious scrutiny?

Why, for example, would we – the American people – permit the National Science Foundation (NSF) to spend $700,000 on a “climate change musical”?

This is the latest in the inane spending from the feds. It may not have started under President Obama, but Lord knows he won’t reign it in.

The Daily Caller reported on projects funded by the NSF. In addition to the musical, they include:

• $15,000 to study fishing practices around Lake Victoria in Africa

• $340,000 to examine the “ecological consequences” of early human fires in New Zealand

• $200,000 for a three-year study of the Bronze Age around the Mediterranean

• $50,000 to survey archived 17th Century lawsuits in Peru (they had lawsuits in Peru in the 17th Century?)

• $20,000 to examine the causes of “stress” in Bolivia

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the House’s Science Committee grilled the White House’s “science czar” John Holdren about these and other inane spending items.

“The Administration’s willful disregard for public accountability distracts from the important issues of how America can stay ahead of China, Russia, and other countries in the highly-competitive race for technological leadership,” The Daily Caller is reporting Smith said. “All government employees and their agency heads need to remember they are accountable to the American taxpayer who pays their salary and funds their projects,” he added. “It is not the government’s money; it’s the people’s money.”

By the way, the name of the play is “The Great Immensity.” It debuts next month in New York City, in case you want to catch it.

Or picket it.


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