HUGE: House Votes To Allow Non Violent Felons To Restore Gun Rights (Video) #2A #NRA



Here’s a victory for those of us that defend our 2nd Amendment rights! Now before you jump the gun, no pun intended, consider the facts presented and then decide whether or not you support this.

The House just voted to let non-violent felons win back their gun rights.

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck gives an example of a grandfather that is a felon due to writing a bad check decades ago when he was in college. Or maybe a person that got arrested for marijuana in the 70’s and picked up a felony. There are many cases where people have felonies that are basically harmless as well as outdated.

Because of these felonies, these people can’t legally own a firearm. Buck is going to bat for these people. Personally, I agree with this 100%. That’s my opinion and you might not agree. That’s your right!

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