HUGE: Trump Got Pissed OFF And Dropped A Clinton Bombshell…. HELL YEAH!


It’s no secret that President Trump and Hillary Clinton aren’t exactly what you’d call “besties,” heck they aren’t even on speaking terms for that matter, however it looks like an already soured relationship is going to plunge even further down in the dumps.

Fox News is reporting that the president is furious over new revelations about Hillary and claims that her presidential campaign from last year worked with the State Department to “downplay” the presence of classified information on her private email server.

Hillary’s use of a private server to conduct official state business and to pass along classified information was a huge topic of discussion last year, as such actions are illegal. This, as you can imagine, was not the kind of scandal one wants to have blown up in the public spotlight during an election year.

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However, after an “investigation” by the FBI under former Director James Comey, it was determined there was nothing indicating illegal activity so no action was taken. This, of course, is a perfect example of how helpful it is to have friends in high places.


Here’s the president’s tweet on the controversial claim:

Here are a few more details from Fox:

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Monday, former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III said he suffered “personal blowback” over his pursuit of the email investigation. McCullough claimed the Clinton campaign put out word that he would be fired if the Democratic nominee won last year’s presidential election.

“I’m well aware there was strategic coordination between the [Clinton] campaign, the State Department, certain officials in the State Department, certain law firms in [Washington D.C.] and people on Capitol Hill and I think that bore itself out in the Podesta emails,” McCullough told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

In January 2016, McCullough told Republican leadership on the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that emails beyond the “Top Secret” level passed through Clinton’s unsecured personal server.

“The [intelligence] agencies were quite unhappy about what was going on. They were not happy that their information was not protected the way it should have been,” McCullough told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. ” … When we heard about this to begin with, that there was an unsecured server, frankly, we looked at each other and said, ‘Who does that? What rules even apply to that?'”

Would it really be that surprising to find out that Hillary was colluding with the State Department to bury her indiscretions? After all, Clintons and burying the truth are like peanut butter and chocolate.

We’ve seen Hillary brag about getting a child rapist off the hook back when she practiced law. We’ve seen her make politically motivated decisions that left Americans dead in Benghazi. Hell, we’ve even seen her try to silence sexual assault victims who accused her husband of misconduct, simply to further her own ambitions.

Is there any low this woman won’t stoop to? If the answer is no, and it is, it’s definitely possible she worked with a corrupt government agency to attempt to give herself a leg up in the election.

And to think, the colluding she’s been looking for all this time was right in front of her nose.

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