BUSTED: Huma Abedin Spotted Outside Hillary’s Campaign HQ For FIRST Time Since Defeat With…


Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, was a part of the reason Hillary’s campaign went down in flames faster than the Hindenburg.

Abedin, who’s been close to the Clintons since she served as an intern while Bill was still in office, was married to disgraced congressman and admitted pervert Anthony Weiner. When the FBI found some 650,000 emails on a laptop said to belong to the former couple, it was the death blow to Hillary’s campaign.


Additionally, Americans were skeptical of Abedin’s close ties to Islamic radicals in Saudi Arabia, including her own mother and father, both of whom worked for organizations with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In other words, Abedin turned out to be as toxic as they come after rising to become Hillary’s right-hand woman.

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Abedin went into hiding after the FBI’s bombshell revelation, then re-emerged a few days before the election when Director Comey cleared Hillary in the email investigation. After Hillary’s historic loss, Abedin again went into hiding, but she emerged earlier today outside Hillary’s campaign office, and her expression spoke volumes.


According to MailOnline, Hillary’s number one was seen openly weeping as she walked down the street to the office. Donning a pair of large dark sunglasses, she could be seen crying as she made her way down the street.

BUSTED: Human Abedin Spotted Outside Hillary’s Campaign HQ For FIRST Time Since Defeat With…



It’s unknown the exact reason she was crying, but it could either be from the bitter taste of defeat or knowing that with Hillary’s loss come the very real possibility she’s going to prison. On the campaign trail, Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor to Hillary’s case, and currently there’s over five separate investigations into the Clinton Foundation by the FBI.

If Hillary won, she would have been able to stave off any further investigation or indictments. But now, with Trump at the helm promising to “drain the swamp,” the future’s looking mighty grim for Hillary, Huma, and everyone they surrounded themselves with over the years.

As they say, a life of crime never pays off. So while Hillary and her acolytes may have had a good run, their time to pay the price for their actions is soon approaching.

If I were Huma, I’d focus less on Hillary’s useless campaign office and more on finding a really good lawyer. She’s definitely going to need it.

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