Liberal THUGS On Hunger Strike Get Dealt NASTY Surprise When They See What’s Happening RIGHT Next To Them

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NEW HAVEN- Liberals at Yale University are on a hunger strike doing what liberals do- protesting Trump.

The students are protesting the university’s unwillingness to negotiate a contract with its recently formed union, Local 33 Unite Here, saying that the school, which is contesting the National Labor Relations Board ruling, is delaying to start the negotiations because they are hoping President Donald Trump will appoint anti-union members to the NLRB, New Haven Register reports.

So what did the Yale Republicans do? They held a wonderful barbecue just feet away from where the libs were starving themselves to death! HELL YEAH! SO CLASSIC!

“Just feet away from the tent erected in Beinecke Plaza on Wall Street, where protesters have stayed for the past three days, the Yale College Republicans were serving up a meal of barbecued beef, baked beans and corn to its members and others in the Yale community,” The Register reported.

Bragging about the wafting, delicious smells on Facebook, it appears to have been a move to torment the fasting grad students, who have thus far gone days without food in a protest for their worker’s rights struggle, AOL reports.

“It’ll taste (and smell) delicious!” the event description said on Facebook.

Local 33 was not fazed by the Republicans’ barbecue, but instead focused on staying healthy and not eating. Eight Yale University graduate student teachers have not eaten in days, the New Haven Register reports.

“I’m not really focused on that,” said Local 33 chairman and city Alder Aaron Greenberg, D-8, who is a graduate student teacher and Ph.D. candidate in political science. “I’m focused on making sure we have lots of water, make sure I’m healthy. We have a check-in with our nurse this afternoon. We are focused on that.”

“Update: the Yale grad student union is holding a *symbolic* hunger strike (they eat when hungry),” said Dimitri Halikias in a tweet obtained by Legal Insurrection but that is now only available to the Yale graduate’s Twitter followers. The tweet included a photo of the pamphlet. “Still inspirational.”


(Credit: Twitter/Dimitri Halikias)

Too funny!

(h/t Daily Caller)

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God Bless.

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