Hunter Biden In PANIC MODE As Investigation Will BRING HIM DOWN!


It’s no secret that the Biden crime family is owned, bought and paid for by Communist China.

China has so much dirt on the Bidens that demented Joe has no choice but to avoid any confrontations with them or they could expose some of the most damaging intel that would land Hunter and Joe behind bars in a stinking prison cell.

Seriously, that’s where they belong and Hillary Clinton should be behind bars as well but that’s another story.

We have tons of proof but the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other agencies won’t touch it.

It’s called the DEEP STATE!

Our corrupt deep state installed Biden anyway because they are all beholden to China. It’s disgusting and pathetic but it’s absolutely true.



The Republican-led House Committee on Oversight is planning a full investigation into Hunter Biden’s suspicious business deals in China and their potentially damaging connections to Joe Biden.

This follows a string of reports from news outlets, which allege that the Biden family has been involved in questionable business dealings with companies connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

These allegations have raised serious questions about the potential national security risks posed by the current corrupt president.

China and Biden

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s Chinese business deals aims to bring accountability to the situation, as well as uncover any potential wrongdoing.

The Republican party has expressed the belief that Joe Biden is the “big guy” in this situation and thus is ultimately responsible for any risks to national security.

This comes at a time when the US-China relationship is increasingly strained, as the Biden regime has expressed a determination to confront the Chinese government over human rights abuses and unfair trade practices.

It remains to be seen how the investigation into Hunter Biden’s Chinese business dealings may affect the already tense US-China relationship.

“The Biden family’s suspicious business dealings with companies tied to Communist China are a national security threat,” Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., an Oversight ranking member, told Fox News Digital.

“The Bidens sold access to foreign adversaries like China to enrich themselves to the detriment of American interests.

“Next Congress, Republicans will use the power of the gavel to deliver answers, transparency and accountability for the American people.”

Lock them up

It is unclear how long the investigation will take, but it is sure to be a closely monitored process as the Republican party looks to uncover any potential damage to national security.

The investigation is sure to be an interesting development, and one that could have far-reaching implications.

However, if the Democrats are still in control over the Senate or take back the House by the time something actually gets done about it, this would go absolutely nowhere.

I pray to God that I live long enough to see all these scumbags in orange prison jumpsuits and are forced to eat the pig slop the inmates are forced to eat.


SOURCE- The Beltway Report/ UAFReport| Brittany Slaughter



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