WATCH: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds To “Mentally Ill” Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi After She Was Caught On Video In White House With Room Full Of People Without Masks

By Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

Water freezes at 32 degree farenheight. The sun rises and sets every day. Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite. These are all irrefutable facts.

While Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was telling her constituents and the rest of the country to remain under their beds over fears of the Wuhan Virus plague, she was boldly defying the restrictions put in place by her nephew, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.


BTW, Newsome was also busted maskless at a fancy restaurant with a large group of maskless Communists in California.

Do you you remember this? BUSTED!

She was busted maskless during the height of the COVID plandemic!

Of course the Communist media completely avoided the bombshell story:


Ignoring her own mask mandates in September 2020, wasn’t the end of it for Washington’s Queen of Hypocrisy. Nancy’s been slamming members of Congress with huge fines for refusing to wear masks on the House floor.

America’s most badass female Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene tweeted about the two letters she’s received for not wearing a mask on the House floor, calling it a “discriminatory unconstitutional act of hypocrisy.” The first fine is $500 the second is $2500!

“I now have 2 letters for not wearing a mask on the House floor. This discriminatory unconstitutional act of hypocrisy says: 1st fine – $500 2nd fine – $2,500 Meanwhile, Speaker Maskhole enjoys the mask free super spreader events at the White House. #HouseofHypocrites”

In her tweet above, Taylor-Greene refers to Pelosis as “Speaker Maskhole,” and calls her out for a super spreader event Pelosi attended at the White House that was caught on camera where literally no one in the room was wearing a mask!

@SpeakerPelosi enjoys going mask free at the White House but enforces discriminatory masks rules in the House and fines for not wearing a masks. #HouseOfHypocrites


Members of the House that received fines for not wearing masks were not amused. Rep. Ralph Norman called out Pelosi for her hypocrisy.

Rep Ralph Norman tweeted: “I just got fined $500 for doing the same thing they are.”

Rep. Thomas Massie posted a photo of a letter he received from Nancy Pelosi.

Along with the image of Pelosi’s letter that’s been filed in the garbage can, Massie tweeted:

“@SpeakerPelosi sent me another letter. Something about violating her tyrannical and unscientific mask rule. I filed this one in the same location.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, meanwhile, posted a video on Twitter showing her placing a similar letter in a paper shredder.

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“You can’t discriminate against people simply because they won’t wear a mask,” Greene said, holding up the letter.

“And today, I refused to wear a mask on the House floor, and I received a warning from Speaker Pelosi that leads to fines if I continue to refuse to wear a mask. Well, here’s what I think of your warning Speaker Pelosi,” she added, dropping the letter into the shredder.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed on the “Water Cooler” by CBN’s David Brody. The outspoken Rep from George told Brody that Speaker Pelosi is “mentally ill,” and compared her tyrannical restrictions on fellow House members to holocaust-style tactics used by Nazis in Germany.


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