Idaho Lawmakers Take MASSIVE Stand To Permanently STOMP DOWN Sharia Law

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Thanks to Obama, our Muslim-In-Chief, we have Muslims pouring into our great country only to spread their hatred and their sick ideals in America. Any red-blooded American knows that these animals pose an imminent threat with their beliefs. Sharia law is nothing more than an oppressive, violent, sickening anti-American ‘ideal’ if you will.

Sharia law is completely incompatible with our own Constitution which supports the ideal of freedom and liberty for us all. Shariah law is the exact opposite and promotes killing non-Muslims and extreme sentences of death for homosexuals (although there are tons of homo-Muslims) prostitution, adultery etc. Women basically no rights and are treated like animals, and non-Muslims must either convert to Islam or die.

But we are happy to report that several states have already taken action to make sure that none of us ever has to live under Sharia law, the latest being the great state of Idaho!


State Rep. Eric Redman of Post Falls, Idaho, just introduced a bill that seeks to ban recognition of Sharia, or Islamic, law in Idaho courts.


Redman distributed stacks of handouts to the Idaho House Ways and Means Committee, including a photo of a severed hand and printouts from websites critical of Islam. The committee voted 4-3 along party lines to introduce the bill, according to The Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Of course the House Minority Leader John Rusche, D-Lewiston, voted against the bill saying, “There is no issue right now, there is no issue. And to bring this piece of legislation and the supporting documents that showed severed hands and called the Prophet Mohammed a pedophile was just beyond the pale.”

He sounds offended. Democrats are so easily offended by common sense.

Redman said he’s been working on the bill since September and that he’s concerned that family-law cases in the U.S. could be influenced by foreign or Sharia law.

“You’ve got ISIS, San Bernardino,” he said. “There’s a lot of issues that are very challenging, and we want to keep our state from getting into those challenges. That’s why I spent so much time working on it and researching it.”

It’s great to see that some of our representatives are fighting for us using common sense. Islamic terrorism is a major threat in our country and the entire world. Taking steps to stop Sharia law is the right thing to do.

If Muslims don’t like OUR laws, then I say to them- PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA!

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God Bless.


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