Black Militants STOMP & SPIT On American Flag, What They Did To Veterans Is SICKENING [VID]

A Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin over the weekend once again paved the way for radical far-left protesters to congregate outside and commit enraging acts for the world to see. This time around, a group of unhinged black activists had the audacity to stomp on an American flag, but what they did to a group of veterans is even worse.

Videos from outside an area high school in Allis showed “F*ck Yo Flag” activists shouting “black power” while stomping and spitting on a flag, and that wasn’t the worst part.

These so-called “peaceful” protesters appeared to be anything but, and it seemed as if even the slightest wrong move would have set them off considering the hateful and violent language they were using.


Check it out:

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The Independent Journal has some not-so-peaceful quotes that were lifted from the agitators:

“Peace ain’t got us sh*t.” (3:18 into the video)


“I’ll take it out on your granddaughter when I see her tonight.” (:27)

“I don’t give a f*ck where the cops at. We don’t need no cops.” (3:57)

“Why don’t you take your dog home and finish f*ckin it like you do every night?” (4:00)

“Your mama’s house is right down there.” (4:27)

“I dare you to come to my neighborhood. I came to yours.” (4:45)

“I bet you when you come [to my neighborhood], you come to buy heroin.” (4:52)

“I know you will. ‘Cuz if you don’t, yo mama will.” (5:19)

Idiot Black Activists STOMP & SPIT On American Flag, What They Did To Veterans Is Worse

Just lovely, isn’t it? The remarks come after one of the idiot activists indicating they were merely there to exercise their First Amendment rights, and didn’t mean any harm.

Here’s what they had to say:

“We all believe in the Constitution here…Let me see your peace signs if you’re here for peaceful protests, everyone!”

Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it? That’s the clip that the liberal media will play; meanwhile, the above quotes offer much more insight into the true nature of these unhinged radicals.

Other videos show the disgusting manner in which they treated the flag that symbolizes the very freedom they’re enjoying at the rally. Let’s also not forget that while there have been injustices committed under the same flag, past wrongs have been righted under it as well. But hey, never let facts get in the way of a good emotional argument, right?

Check out the enraging videos:

Again, lovely. Where’s the liberal media to call out their violent rhetoric like they have so many times with Trump and his supporters?


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God Bless. 


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