IDIOT Teacher Disrespects Anthem During Homecoming, Then INSTANT Karma


Unfortunately, the new “in” thing is to kneel during the playing of our sacred National Anthem.

It started with disgraced NFL crybaby Colin Kaepernick, and the disrespectful gesture then metastasized throughout leftist circles like an anti-American cancer on our nation. Now it’s to the point where all the cool kids wanna show how edgy they are by taking a knee and disrespecting the countless men and women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our beloved nation.

The problem is that unless you’re a million-dollar athlete or some sort of pop culture celebrity, there’s consequences when you blatantly disrespect the nation that we all love. A teacher in California learned this lesson the hard way after she pulled the “look at me!” stunt during her school’s homecoming.

Windy Pappas is a chemistry teacher at Woodland High School, and at the school’s homecoming Friday she held two signs up while kneeling down during the playing of our Anthem. One of her signs read “Black Lives Matter” and the other “It’s OK to disagree with every sign here!!!”

The rally went on as planned, but after the rally Pappas was hit with quite the shock – a fellow staff member walked into her classroom and escorted her off of campus.


When asked about her political stunt, the best Pappas could muster up was that she didn’t think she was protesting, and she couldn’t understand what the problem was.

“I felt like it was something respectful and supportive to our flag,” Pappas told the Daily Democrat. “I didn’t even think of it as a protest. I was taken off-guard by the reaction.”

Sure thing, lady. You’re either too stupid for words or you’re more full of it than a manure spreader.

Not surprisingly, Pappas went on to play the victim after being suspended from her job.

“It’s unnerving,” she said. “I’m a single mom and that’s something I’m thinking about right now.”

The time to think about doing stupid things is before you do them. Just sayin.

Pappas was allowed to return to work on Tuesday, but the school released the following statement in regards to any future rebels who decide they’re going to put on an anti-American display:

‘We are aware that there was an unauthorized display during a Woodland High School rally on Friday. As a District, we’re using this as a learning opportunity to ensure we are all aware of the free speech rights of students and employees in schools.’

The high school principal Karrie Sequeria, dove deeper into the explanation in an email sent out to all the parents of the students.

‘While teachers do retain certain First Amendment rights in their capacity as an instructor, such rights are limited by Education Code and case law.’

‘Their personal, political or religious beliefs are not appropriately expressed at school or in the classroom. Instead, the appropriate and legal instructional role is one of neutral facilitator – one who facilitates student discussion and intelligent analysis of current events.’

Pappas seemed to have forgotten that as a teacher, her political views are to be left outside of the school. She wasn’t hired to be an activist, she was hired to prepare kids for their lives as adults.

She might want to stick with the program.

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