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I sit here and watch the Congressional hearings for FBI Director, James Comey, regarding the email scandal and the subsequent investigation of Hillary Clinton.  As most know at this point, Director Comey has determined no charges should be filed but as MANY of the men and women in our government are attorneys, that’s baffling to me.  

Clearly, since a former Federal Prosecutor like Trey Gowdy can cite the Federal Statutes she’s in violation of off the top of his head??  Clearly, charges are and should be a thing at the VERY least. Right now, as an American? It downright pisses me off!  Clinton has repeatedly contradicted herself in interviews, in public statements, and under oath.  Lying under oath is perjury by definition and  Hillary Clinton should know it well since it was that very charge that got her own husband disbarred during the Monica Lewinsky investigation!!!!

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For someone that has been the first lady of the United States for 8 years, a Senator, Secretary of State, and a practicing ATTORNEY on top of this — never mind the fact that she was married to another attorney that was the Attorney General for the entire stinking state of Arkansas — Yet this crazy broad claims that she had no idea — NO CLUE —what the difference is between classified and unclassified information is? Really? Then how the holy hell did you earn that Doctorate of Jurisprudence that you claim to have in the first damn place???  And the Hill-da-beast wants to be president — I’d laugh if it wasn’t so ridiculous and sad!  Because people are DEFENDING this woman who is QUEEN of nowhere but her own mind!  Naive and idiotic individuals — that for some reason their brain synapses aren’t all firing  and they think it is appropriate to elect this harridan to office — because she has NOT been convicted!  DO THESE PEOPLE EVEN READ????
Then to add insult to injury, many other members of the government apparently have no concept of what the terms classified, unclassified, and top secret mean either — AGAIN, the majority of Congress is filled with attorneys — people that have a Bachelor’s degree and then have to go through 3 additional years of post-graduate education, as well top LSAT scores to even get into law school in the first place, then there is the Bar exam and that whole ethics interview to be admitted to the Bar?  How do these people sleep at night?
Literally, thousands of Americans, both military and civilian have been, are currently, and could potentially be compromised because of their refusal to understand or even take seriously the nature of their jobs or even the simple definitions of words!! Top Secret information regarding human spying was found on an unsecured server in her BASEMENT!!! That’s not even touching the methods used to delete the emails!

These people are being put in harms way on a daily and even hourly basis based on this classified and TOP SECRET information in efforts to serve the American people and their country.  It means people’s lives are literally at stake!!! Yet this cow seems to think it appropriate to use a flipping Gmail  account to correspond about sensitive government information??? Do these people even comprehend the words that they use? The lives that they have jeopardized? Or are we all just disposable cannon fodder to these people?



Millions and millions of individual people, large companies, government entities, have records that show they have either been hacked or attempts have been made to hack them — yet we are to believe that Hillary Clinton – as high profile as she is – is exempt from hackers? Just exactly how stupid do these people think we are??  I guess it really is true — laws are for us peasants and poor people — not the Clintons!  And she’s BOLD about it — behaving in a fashion that brings to mind Marie Antoinette and conveying an attitude that simply states, “I’m Hillary Clinton! I do what I want.  There’s nothing you can do to me! Americans? Well, let them eat cake!” —-



God Bless.



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