If You See $100 Bill On Your Windshield Do NOT Pick It Up, Here’s The Reason Why…


If you find a $100 bill on your windshield beware! It is most likely NOT a random act of kindness from a Santa Clause wanna-be!

In a frightening scam that’s popping up this across America, scammers can do more than just take your money- they can take your car!

The idea is that people will get in their car, start the engine and then notice the $100 bill on their windshield. When the person exits their vehicle to retrieve the ‘gift’, the carjacker strikes!

The Attorney General’s Office says it has gotten reports of scammers in Maryland leaving $100 bills on windshields. The lure of cash is used to carjack victims. With your car running and the door wide open, that’s all scammers need. The money on the windshield just gives them a split second of opportunity.

“It’s sad that people have to stoop to that kind of level, especially around this time of year,” shopper Lorie Davia told WJLA.

Kyri Viehman and her mother had left a Michaels craft store parking lot when they noticed something flapping on their windshields, according to FOX 2 Now.

 “I was driving down the road.  I saw something flapping.   Then I start driving and see the $100 on it and I was like, ‘oh my God, somebody left me a $100 bill!’” Kyri said.

The idea is for you get into your car, start it, and then notice the $100 through your windshield.

“You leave the car running, open the door, walk over and grab the dollar bill and they jump in behind the wheel and take your car,” Kyri said.

Had she noticed it right away, she could have been a victim, she said.  “I probably would have got out and grabbed it … with the car still running with my son in the back seat.”

Her Facebook post of the fake bill has been shared nearly 10,000 times.

During this season of giving, she doesn’t want anyone to get taken.

“I thought somebody was paying it forward; somebody was like, ‘hey she has a little boy.  Here’s $100 bill.  Have a good holiday,’” she said.

This past weekend I was at the Michael’s store in Gravois Bluffs Plaza off 141. I was out shopping with my mom for…

Posted by Kyri Viehman on Wednesday, 11 November 2015



The fake $100 bill came with a message: “You thought this was real, didn’t you?”

Be careful out there my friends. These scumbags are out there. God Bless. 

(H/T Opposing Views)
(H/T Mad World News)

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God Bless.

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