Ilhan Omar SELLS OUT Joe Biden!


American citizens need to be concerned that we have members of congress that are anti-American, have ties to terrorist nations, are racist, corrupt as well as anti-Semitic. Oh wait, we just described every freaking Socialist/ Democrat in office!

Enter Radical Islamist Ilhan Omar.

A special counsel has been appointed to oversee the Biden classified documents scandal and it appears that many democrats are glad that Biden is being called out.

It has nothing to do with justice though.

They want a reason to stop him from running for a second term.

Many dems want a far left radical COMMUNIST to run while others want a candidate who can complete a full sentence without sticking his foot in his mouth.

Like all of us, many dems are NOT happy campers with Joe Biden and apparently that includes the far left radical ‘SQUAD’ member Ilhan Omar.


For me it’s hard to imagine such a miserable human being like Omar being ‘happy’ but I guess when you make big bucks for doing NOTHING that would make anyone happy.

Omar is happy that Biden is being ‘investigated’ even though we all know it’s all a completely rigged SHAM.

If the investigation had any merit Biden would already be looking at consequences for removing classified materials from the White House during his stint as Vice President.

THAT is against the law- no if’s, ands or buts.

He would also be in trouble for his corrupt dealings with Ukraine, you know the country we are giving billions of dollars to as well as depleting our military stockpile to in their war with Russia.

And of course there’s China. There is so much dirt on Joe and his family it’s insane.

Okay, obviously I could write 4045 pages on what a corrupt pile of trash is but we will get to the meat of this specific report.

“I am glad that there is a special prosecutor that has been appointed to this,” Omar said.

Omar said any kind of potential breach in security protocol should be taken seriously and argued Republicans were only interested in investigating Biden and not former President Trump, FOX News reports.

She Had To Go There…

Of course immediately after sounding a tad reasonable she then trashed Republicans like a typical DEMOCRAT SCUMBAG.

“Yes because anytime there is a deviance in regards to security protocols, that should be taken serious, it should be investigated,” Omar said. “So you have to understand right? Republicans are not really interested in upholding the law, and following security protocols. What they’re interested in is playing political game and now only wanting to investigate Biden.”

What a clueless freaking MORON.


And of course the good old RACE CARD

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans have said Omar should not be seated on committees.

And she got booted from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“They say they don’t believe in stopping debate, that they are not scared of you know people having deviance in political opinions. They specifically want to silence my voice as the only African born to ever serve on the Foreign Affairs Committee where I have been successfully doing my job for the last two terms and now look forward to doing it on a committee that no one of my background, no one of my ethnicity, of my culture has ever gotten the opportunity to be able to do so,” she said.

Look lady, I don’t care if you came from MARS- you are not qualified for the job.


Whoever voted for you is a braindead ZOMBIE.

Anyways, Biden got BUSTED and the details and scandals will continue to surface and the minute his term is over he should immediately be arrested, tried for his crimes against the United States and at minimal spend the rest of his life in prison.

He is corrupt and has failed to uphold the Constitution among numerous other crimes, many which have put our national security in jeopardy.

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