Illegal Alien Amnesty: Just Sixteen Votes From Being a Reality!!!


Dear Conservative,

The Democrats are moving to force John Boehner to allow a vote on an Amnesty Bill for Illegal Aliens. So far, John Boehner has resisted the calls from the Democrats and RINOs to pass an amnesty bill. Be it his political calculation or genuine disapproval, up until now John Boehner has been all that stands between the country’s illegal aliens and full blown citizenship. We have been able to keep the pressure on Boehner and the other RINOs within the party to dissuade them from handing this country over to illegal aliens.

All that can change! The Democrats are planning to push through a ‘discharge petition’ that will force Boehner to hold a vote on H.R. 15, the House immigration bill modeled off the abomination that came out of the Senate last year. This is not a joke or an exaggeration. If the Democrats can convince 16 more RINOs in Congress to come on board with their immigration reform bill, then Amnesty really could be the law of the land by the end of the month!

In order for a discharge petition to be successful, it needs to garner 218 signatures (more than half of the House of Representatives). Then, the bill would have to be debated and voted on, whether Boehner wants it or not. There are currently 199 Democrats in the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi has made it known that she expects 100% support from her caucus on this discharge petition. There are also three Republican co-sponsors for the Amnesty Bill that is in question: Representatives Jeff Denham (R-CA), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), and David Waladao (R-CA). If we assume that these three “Republicans-In-Name-Only” will sign the discharge petition – which is to be expected – that means that the Democrats only need to poach SIXTEEN other Republicans in order for Amnesty to be pushed through!


That is not a chance we can take! We need to nip this in the bud before the Democrats are able to whip up the votes to force a vote on their Amnesty bill. This is an urgent call to action! I am asking you to please take the time to Fax Congress to stop this madness from becoming law!

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who plans to go along with this Liberal amnesty duplicitous plan must be put on notice that We the People will not tolerate their treachery!

It only takes 16 more Republicans to make illegal alien amnesty the law of the land! Tell Congress that this treachery is unacceptable and that any vote for amnesty is political suicide!

We know the stakes. If this bill is allowed to pass and illegal aliens are given citizenship without any real increases to border security, the America that you know and love will be dead.


Yes, discharged petitions are seldom used parliamentary maneuvers. But they are not something that can be ignored! In 2002, the Democrats pushed through a discharge petition to get the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill through. They were able to poach 22 Republicans in order to get the bill passed. Remember, this is the same campaign finance bill that was slapped down by the Supreme Court in Citizens United vs. FEC, which served as a catalyst for the current IRS targeting scandal.

In order to get their amnesty bill through, Democrats just need to poach 16 more RINOs for their cause!

Now, I know what you are thinking… “Why would Republicans go along with this plan to commit political suicide?”

Unfortunately, that question assumes that our Representatives are rational actors who base their decision making on logic. That’s not what we have in Washington. We have a ruling class of career politicians who answer more to Special Interest than they do to the will of the People!

The Democrats are pushing this discharge petition through to give the “moderate” (read: traitorous) Republicans an opportunity to “do the right thing” by passing immigration reform. What a load of BULL!

Don’t think that there are sixteen so-called Republicans in the House of Representatives who will go along with this treason? That’s what they said about the Senate, and their version of the abominable immigration bill was able to get 14 RINOs to vote ‘Yes.’ There are more than enough Liberal Republicans in the House to push this bill through.

Wake up! The Democrats and RINOs are conspiring to push through this immigration vote without having to make John Boehner look like the turncoat that he is! The Democrats and Liberal Republicans know that after the mid-term elections in November, they will lose their opportunity to legally pad the voter rolls with illegal aliens! This is their last chance to give the United States away to these illegal alien criminals and this is YOUR last chance to stop them!

It only takes 16 more Republicans to make illegal alien amnesty the law of the land! Tell Congress that this treachery is unacceptable and that any vote for amnesty is political suicide!

The Democrats will be holding press conferences and rallies throughout the day to try to sway these sixteen “Republicans” over to their side. As I write this to you, the Democrats are bussing protesters into Washington DC in order to make this a huge media event.

This is the Left’s last chance to get this amnesty bill passed. Even the Democratic political strategists are admitting that the Democrats are going to lose control of the Senate in November. So, they are staging their final stand to try to give this country away to those criminals who have flagrantly violated our immigration laws and leached off the system.

This is also your last opportunity to defend this great country from those who want to give it away! We have fought too hard just to give everything away we have built!

I am calling on you to do two things:

First, you have to let your voice be heard and tell EVERY member of Congress that a vote for Amnesty is a political death sentence for them and their allies! The American people cannot be ignored and We the People cannot be silenced!

Second, please share this with your friends on Facebook. The Democrats are counting on the American people to not be paying attention and we need to make sure that doesn’t happen! The only thing that gives these Congressmen pause is when we overwhelm their offices with faxes and letters in opposition to their treachery!

This is how our Republic works. American CITIZENS elect people to represent them in Congress and these legislators are supposed to represent the PEOPLE’S interests, not the interests of criminals who sneak into this country and take advantage of our tax, healthcare, and education systems!

The ball is in the People’s court. It is up to us to stop this treachery from happening. I pray that the American people will wake up and fight back against this liberal attempt to give this great country away! Failure simply CANNOT be an option!

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Your Brother in Arms,

Joe Otto

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