Illegal Alien Mob Crashes TRUMP So. Cal. Rally, Then All HELL Breaks Loose (VIDEO)

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Peaceful protesters–that’s what the mainstream media will likely report about the recent Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California. Of course, as is often the case when the mainstream media reports, the truth is often far removed from their narrative soaked teleprompters.


Thanks to new media outlets such as America’s Freedom Fighters the narrative is evaporating–and quickly.  As part of our mission to reveal the truth here’s what really happened outside the rally–before, during, and after.  We saved the worst protest video for last! 


It was a tale of two rallies as the protesters and supporters trickled in to their respective corners of event.  For their part, the protesters took position on a street corner as the Trump supporters began to vie for seats within the venue.  The supporters greatly outnumbered the protesters.  During the event, Trump proudly declared that this was another record-setting turnout with over 30,000 attendees coming out to support him.  

The protesters, however, were not without their own show of force either and as their numbers grew they spilled over into the intersection–and as these numbers grew from one to many hundred, their behavior ceased being that which could be described as protest and descended into uncivilized, despicable savagery. As such, from this point forth those former protesters will be described interchangeably as savages, animals, and brutes.


When a brave Hispanic supporter of Trump dared to say “Arriba Trump!” the protesters swarmed him. They called him traitor, screamed “La Raza” (meaning The Race, a term used by Hispanic supremacists) and tried to rip his citizenship card from him.

Spot The Mexican Flags

The animals came adorned with their insignia in hand–waiving foreign banners they climbed street poles, threatened passersby unfortunate enough to pick a route beside the venue, ransacked a police cruiser, and vandalized the car of a young couple that was trying to leave the event. Like camels, they spat at their foes. Like dogs, they barked. Like neanderthals, they hooted.


They did this often while chanting in the language used by computerized phone operators when the number “2” is dialed. People were alarmed. The administrators of the police were inept–whatever weak-handedness led to their refusal to douse the flames while they were in their earliest stages enabled them to grow with wild fury. And, before showing the footage, while we are on the topic of flames it should be mentioned that protesters were quite literally starting fires in the parking lot outside of the amphitheater.



Check this out:


And this:

Now, check this out!

An angry militant mob of anti-trump protesters ransack and terrify a car with Trump supporters inside, threatening to set the car on fire.

The LA Times reports:

Trump’s California visit, his first since he started winning primaries in February, comes just over five weeks before the state’s primary. He is counting on California to get him to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the GOP nomination before the party’s July convention in Cleveland.

Orange County is a major target for Republicans. It remains the state’s biggest GOP stronghold, but it’s less conservative than it was in the days when it anchored the careers of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Orange County’s population has diversified, with an influx of Asian and Latino residents slowly diminishing the political clout of whites.

A decade ago, Republicans were 48% of Orange County’s registered voters; now they are 40%. Democrats have risen from 30% to 32%, while nonpartisans grew from 18% to 24%.

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