ALERT: Anti Trump Illegal Alien SCUMBAG Just Got Charged With 103 Counts After Sick Thing He Was Caught Plotting


An illegal alien Mexican scumbag was arrested in connection with 103 counts of vandalism, many of them directed against President Donald Trump on The University of Connecticut campus.

Yeah, the Mexican spray painted his filthy garbage all over building that we paid to have built- deport this scumbag NOW!


Go back to your third world cesspool you pile of  dirt.

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The Mexican trash named Eric Cruz-Lopez, 21, of Storrs and Bridgeport, was charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief after a three-month investigation into incidents of vandalism in the Homer Babbage Library and other places around campus from December 2016 to March 2017.


Why does this leftist Mexican trash have 2 last names?

Illegal trash.


If this is the best that the left has to throw out there- they have a huge problem. Dude looks like a little momma’s boy that lives in a basement and will amount to nothing more than manure.

Look at this Illegal Mexican dork.

Illegal Alien Liberal Mexican pile of garbage

Fox News reports that the police described multiple cases in which Cruz-Lopez was seen entering and leaving an area on security cameras around the time when the vandalism occurred. The word PEST was written with a paint pen in most of the cases. Sometimes the graffiti said “F*** Trump” or there was a cartoon face with the same words in a bubble according to police.

Police said the total amount to repair the damage was over $4,200. Some of the incidents happened in the Student Union, the Dodd Center and other places around campus.


In February, police talked to Cruz, who told them he wrote the graffiti, and he was not willing to draw it on paper. Cruz-Lopez also said that the instances with “F*** Trump” were politically motivated and PEST was a signature of sorts. Cruz-Lopez also told police he was “open to entering a conversation about restitution.”

FOX61 has interviewed Cruz-Lopez on several occasions where he has described himself as a community organizer and an undocumented immigrant. UConn officials said he was no longer enrolled at the school.


He was taken into custody on May 7 on the Storrs campus, and is due in Rockville Superior Court on June 14.

Okay, so this little punkass Mexican caused close to $5000 dollars damage. Let’s multiply that by the estimated 11 MILLION illegals here.

Give me a sec…

So 11,000,000 x 5000 = 55 BILLION MOTHER FREAKING DOLLARS.

Not to mention the murders, rapes, drugs, job theft, turning great neighborhoods into slums, screwing up our schools that have to kiss their asses with their language because they can’t speak English, diseases, gangs, pissing all over private property, drunken driving, maiming and killing Americans and the list goes on.

We have to get these scumbags out of our country. They are angry, drunken, drug addicted scum.

Get the hell out of our country you filthy trash.

God Bless. SourceAFF

(H/T Prissy Holly)

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