Illegal Muslim Enters Country… INSTANTLY Issues Sick Warning To All INFIDELS (Video)


Muslims are crossing the borders and entering countries that foolishly accept them in RECORD numbers under the guise of being ‘refugees.’ Time and time again, they turn out to be nothing but hateful, ungrateful scumbags that should have stayed in their fricking sandpits.

Europeans are allowing these people in and I imagine that they are regretting their ‘humanitarian’ gestures.

Europe already has problems with Muslim immigrants that refuse to assimilate. America has the same problem. These people come here and then bitch about it. They want to wear their burqas and wash their feet in public sinks and when they don’t get their way, they fricking sue us!


And let’s be clear, this whole immigration garbage is designed by Jihadist Allah worshiping terrorists to sneak their filthy militants into our countries. To spread Shariah Law. They think they will dominate the world! Go to hell a holes.

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Amanda Shea at Mad World News has this:

One Muslim man, who just got off the train from Syria to arrive in his European land of promise (Budapest, Hungary), did one thing before leaving the station that tells the welcoming community all they need to know about what refugees’ intentions really are. They don’t want to make a better life for themselves, they want to make Westerners’  lives worse, and to call these terrorists refugees is just adding insult to injury.


A Hungarian reporter was broadcasting live at the facility where heaps of jihad hopefuls just passed through, after Europe put the welcome mat out to terrorists. Standing in front of a massive litter of migrants’ clothes and personal belongings strewn about the train station, a refugee brazenly walked right up to the TV camera and made a beheading gesture. It was like he was warning Hungarians of what was to come, that the joke was on them and their kindness, and there is nothing they can do about it now.

In addition to putting it out there for all to see exactly what their intentions are, there were less obvious signs people should have picked up on from other migrants at the station. These people are flooding Europe because they are allegedly desperate and have nothing, but somehow they managed to come with expensive cell phones. This is one man seen at the train station, likely calling up the leader of his terrorist cell to let him know he’s there and ready to bring hell on Europeans.


Because every Jihad needs to be able to communicate…

As we reported earlier, the Muslim refugee problem is out of control all over the world. While countries are allowing these people to come, the Muslims are not thanking them. No, instead they are complaining about the food they are generously given and complaining about the bottled water because of the ‘Red Cross’ labels and even rioting aver the ‘inadequate’ shelters they have been provided. Unbelievable, right? But it get’s much worse.

Not only are these ungrateful a holes complaining but they are shouting death threats and obscenities and throwing ‘feces’ at the very people that are helping them!

The lamestream media, of course portrays these people as helpless women and children and elderly folks. But that’s not the case. Many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are nothing more than violent Muslim JIHADISTS!

Look, obviously there are many people that are fleeing the mayhem and terrorist regimes and we recognize this. But this isn’t our problem. America has spent TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS as well as sacrificed the lives of our heroes to prevent this exact scenario. We are America!

But under the Obama regime life here in our country as well as in the entire world is in a state of utter chaos and decline. We are being infiltrated by the very people that hate us. We have Obama to thank for that.

And, it is also the height of naivete to assume that no radical Islamic jihadists are making the journey as well, potentially setting up jihadist cells, camps and recruitment centers and raising the risk of terror attacks in the largely peaceful Eurozone. (H/T Conservative Tribune)

Jihad is spreading fast. Watch your backs and lock and load…


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