Trump Goes To The White House


Look who just went to the White House! No, it’s not the Muslim Brotherhood or Black Lives Matter- they’ve already been there because, well you know, that’s just who Hussein Obama is. No, Barack Obama had the honor of meeting our President- DONALD TRUMP! 

After an enormous victory for America, our president met with our soon to be EX PRESIDENT to the White House to begin the transition between their administrations.


Talk about uncomfortable.

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“Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year, and a meeting with the president-elect is the next step,” the White House press secretary said in a statement.


Obama has no choice but to have Trump to the White House. But the bottom line is that Trump is going to completely dismantle the so called ‘Obama legacy.’

Man, you just have to love this.


Look. Trump is going to repeal the failed Obamacare nightmare. BOOM! 

He’s also going to cancel out the insane nuclear deal with Iran. BOOM! 

He’s going to put a stop to the endless influx of illegal aliens. BOOM!

He’s going to put a stop to allowing Muslim refugees to come into our country until there is a foolproof way of completely vetting these people. BOOM!

The list goes on my friends.

Look, Obama has completely led our country into a state of complete chaos.

We have black thugs beating the hell out of white people.

That ends NOW! 

We have scumbags killing our Law Enforcement officers.

That also ends NOW! 

Again, the list is endless.

President Trump has a hell of job ahead of him, perhaps the biggest he has ever had to deal with but he WILL TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

Let’s get every single Obama appointee the hell out of here and let’s put in qualified people, not based on their skin color like Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder whom are both complete racists.

Yes folks, the White House is ours again!

Black Lives Matter can go to hell. Riot all you want you filthy racists but like it or not, there’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN BITCHES! 

God Bless.

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Please feel free to comment down below and by all means, cut loose because we have had 8 years of hell and now it’s OUR TURN PATRIOTS! 


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