WALMARTOver the last ten years, I’ve seen and heard and participated in the debate over Immigration Reform. The debate always goes on the back burner, is never acted upon, and is quickly forgotten.

Well, in truth, I was reporting and commenting on Immigration Reform back in the late 1980s, when John McCain and his crew passed their original version of Immigration Reform (which immediately went on the back burner, was never enacted, and was quickly forgotten).  In fact, EVERY TIME Immigration Reform raises its hideous visage, our elected officials ALWAYS pay it lip service, pass some kind of bullshit doubletalk legislation, never enforce it, and then FORGET about it.

That’s why our borders are WIDE OPEN today.  It’s why we have a good 25 MILLION illegal aliens in this country.

Did I say “illegal aliens”…?  Oops, that’s so politically incorrect.  I meant highschool drop-out Mexicans who don’t even qualify for a job in a third-world country, but they can come to the USA and mow lawns or flip hamburgers for $15-per-hour, with welfare benefits, free healthcare and education, and no taxes — as long as they vote Democrat.

The biggest Socialist mouthpieces in America — from Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates to George Soros — insist that illegal aliens are THE ANSWER to America’s economic woes.  According to them, bringing in 25 MILLION uneducated, unskilled Mexican workers who can’t read or speak English is going to SAVE America.

They claim that Americans DON’T WANT the low-end jobs that illegal aliens are willing to take.  Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg even contend that these MILLIONS of uneducated Mexican highschool dropouts are a vast, untapped resource.

Uneducated, unskilled Mexican highschool dropouts are a vast, untapped resource of WHAT?  Slave labor?

How is this going to happen, given the technological innovations that loom on the horizon?  I speak of high-tech automation that is RAPIDLY replacing the manual labor in America and other First World nations.

Automated Fast Food Spreading Like Wildfire, Worldwide

I mean, you don’t hear about it in the American mainstream press, but low-end jobs are going full automation.  Fast food is going full automation, people.  The controversy over $15-per-hour jobs for hamburger-flippers is a tempest in a teapot, it’s an absurdity, because we’re going to full automation in fast food.

A machine that consumes the same wattage as a LIGHTBULB will easily replace five to ten low-skilled workers.  A lightbulb can do its job for about $2.00 per YEAR.

I don’t mean ten years from now, not five years from now, not even next year…  It’s already HAPPENING, and it’s already happening around the world, in the most advanced nations on earth, including the United States.

Santa Monica BurritoBox Locations Serve Fully-Automated Fast Food

Ironically, some of the first fully-automated fast food joints in the USA are taco joints in California, where the largest population of illegal aliens resides.  And the technology WORKS.  This is going to spread like wildfire, because it utterly REMOVES about 10 human paychecks from every fast food location.

Point is, HOW in the HELL are 25 million uneducated, low-skill illegal aliens going to assume the jobs that HALF the American population won’t touch, when those jobs are going to full automation?

Well, the answer is that illegal aliens WON’T even TRY to work.  They’ll just join the ranks of the tens of millions of Welfare recipients who are ALREADY sucking the rancid tit of this Socialist dictatorship and killing America in the process.

Do you seriously think this administration HAS NOT already considered the impact of full automation versus a growing population of unskilled, uneducated, unmotivated citizens?

ZESKO WHIRLIGAN @ americasfreedomfighters

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