When disaster strikes suddenly, you may be forced to leave everything in a matter of seconds. You will need tools, materials and supplies to sustain yourself as you evacuate the disaster area, which is why doomsday preppers recommend that you have a bug-out-bag. A bug-out-bag is pre-packed bag that you can grab as you run out the door that can sustain you for at least a few days.

Generally, you will have to leave on foot so your supplies must be literally carried on your back. People tend to over pack not realizing that their backpack will be on their back for hours a day. Therefore, your supplies must be multi-purpose and you must have the essentials to make shelter, collect and purify water, make fire and possibly hunt, fish or trap small game if the disaster continues for an extended period. For this reason, it is recommended that doomsday preppers have these 20 items in your bug-out-bag:


20 Must Have Bug-Out-Bag Supplies for Doomsday Preppers:

  1. You will need foods that can be eaten as you walk. You need enough for three days at a minimum. Protein bars, hard chocolate, peanut butter are examples. You can also carry Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s). The MRE packaging is plastic and you can easily carry more than three days worth. The meals can be eaten with or without heating.
  2. Water in more than one container because of the weight and if you damage a container, you will not lose all of your supply. Carry at least three days worth.
  3. Carry a slim flashlight also consider infrared lenses for night use to prevent detection.
  4. Fire starting tools such as magnesium sticks also waterproof matches but always have a backup fire starting method.
  5. Personal hygiene items in particular body washing wipes to conserve water. Hand sanitizer and insect repellent in liquid form. Aerosol cans are bulky and inefficient and can be a fire hazard. Include a small container of soap for clothes laundering.
  6. Multi-tool
  7. Heavy bladed knife
  8. Small stainless steel bowl for food preparation and for boiling water
  9. Water purification tablets and/or a water filtration system
  10. Two stainless steel canteens
  11. First aid supplies
  12. Sewing kit
  13. 20-24 gauge wire
  14. Assorted fishing hooks, fishing line and tackle
  15. Self defense items such as mace, stun-gun and/or firearm
  16. Folding walking stick(s)
  17. Nylon or wool sleeping bag
  18. 550 para cord/heavy twine
  19. Two rain ponchos that can be used for shelter -must be large enough to cover you and your pack when carried
  20. Extra socks

Your backpack itself is important and it should be water resistant if not waterproof. It must have straps to secure a sleeping bag on the outside of the pack. You simply cannot spare the room for one inside the bag. The straps and harness should be considered load bearing so you can attach a machete or axe and carry your water bottles. Weight must be distributed evenly for comfortable hiking.


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If the weather is cold, it is assumed you will be wearing your cold weather gear. It is not necessary then to pack an additional heavy coat if you are wearing one. However, pack clothes so you can layer to regulate body temperature. Your main priorities are shelter, water, fire and food. When packing, carefully evaluate all items for multiple uses such as wire or cordage, which can be used for, gear repair, shelter construction and animal snares.

What other items do you have in your bug-out-bag? 

In this day and age we all need to be prepared. This article contains good solid advice for a short term bug out. God Bless… 


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