The world is descending into chaos after eight years of failed leadership from Barack Obama allowed terrorists to operate with impunity and our enemies to become empowered.

Perhaps the largest beneficiaries of Obama’s failed policies were Islamic radicals, whose numbers grew exponentially as he seemingly sat and watched their organizations expand. Now, Europe is faces a crisis of apocalyptic proportions as they’ve allowed these radicals to infiltrate their nations and terrorize their citizens.

One such example of this occurred over the weekend in none other than Paris, France, which has seen countless terror attacks claiming hundreds of lives over the past few years. However, while other attacks have gone off without a hitch, law enforcement needs to be credited with doing a fantastic job at keeping their citizens safe…this time.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Paris police foiled a terror plot at the stadium of the Paris Saint-Germain football plot, just before 50,000 people arrived to watch their favorite teams play.

Talk about a close one.

From the Daily Mail:

An Islamist terrorist bomb plot was foiled in Paris on Saturday after an improvised explosive device was found near Paris Saint-Germain football club.

The device, consisting of four gas cylinders covered in petrol, were found in the upmarket 16th arrondissement near the Parc des Princes stadium, just hours before PSG were playing a league game.

Five men have been arrested, including a known Islamist extremist who was meant to be under surveillance.

The four gas cylinders were linked to a ‘mobile phone that could ignite the cylinders so causing an explosion’, said an investigating source in the French capital.

Close to 50,000 people arrived at the stadium later on Saturday for the league champions tie against Bordeaux.

Apparently, the soccer game was set to feature some of the greatest in the sport, which authorities believe is why terrorists targeted the event – they wanted to make a maximum impact.

Mr Collomb said that the building where the bomb was found could have been the main target, but no theory was yet being ruled out.

‘Blowing up a building in a chic neighbourhood shows that no one is safe,’ said Mr Collomb. ‘It shows that it could happen anywhere in France.’

Unfortunately, thanks to the European Union’s open borders policies, France has been in a perpetual state of emergency and always on the ready for terror attacks. Rather than do something about the problem, like we in America are trying to do, the nation insists on keeping in place its politically correct policies that refuse to single out potential terrorists based upon their ideology, because that would be racist, of course.

Thankfully, we no longer have to worry about such things because we elected a President who put pragmatism over politics.

If you needed any other proof that America made the right decision in November of last year, you only need to look as far as our friends in France. Hillary Clinton would have undoubtedly turned America into a super-sized France as she continued with Obama’s policies of importing third-world savagery and forcing the rest of us to deal with the horrifying consequences.

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