Laura Ingraham Exposes A Major Bombshell Live On FOX News When She Says THIS- It’s Actually Happening

The Communist Democrats have completely lost their minds saying that “there are millions of Americans, almost all White, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.”

Such hateful, racist garbage meant to divide us but don’t fall for their crap.


They are deliberately trying to piss us off and then have Antifa and BLM wear MAGA hats and cause chaos.

Simple and effective plan.

Democrats and their mainstream media allies are hell-bent on suppressing dissenting voices as the Biden administration takes office, Laura Ingraham warned viewers Tuesday, Fox News reports.

“The Ingraham Angle” host called out Washington Post associate editor Eugene Robinson, who said during an appearance on MSNBC earlier Tuesday that “there are millions of Americans, almost all White, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.


“It is as though they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult,” added Robinson.

Here we go again, they claim if you are “white and support Trump in any form” that you need deprogrammed.

One could argue that mainstream media has been doing just that, especially by supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter organizations that have rioting, looting and causing violence across our nation.  Biden and Harris have openly supported these actions all in the name of destroying President Trump and all who support him.

“In their continued effort to use the Capitol incursion for political gain, Democrats feel emboldened to smear tens of millions of Trump supporters. They feel no need to debate issues or policies, not when they can treat their political opponents the way the Chinese treat its dissidents.

Apparently, they are now in favor of separating families,” added Ingraham, referring to a since-fired PBS lawyer caught in a Project Veritas sting saying Trump is “close to Hitler” and that the Department of Homeland Security should set up “reeducation camps“. “I thought they were against that”  Fox News

This is out of control and President Trump knew that the Democrats desired to destroy everything that our nation has stood for and to punish everyone who believes in free will, freedom, liberty and supports the Constitution.

We have faced a global pandemic, lockdowns and countless other horrific events that have seen overreach all in the name of “safety”.  Could we now see even further nightmares take place as Biden and Harris step into The White House?

Fox News continued their report, However, the host noted, these same figures were silent as Black Lives Matter and other leftist groups tore through urban areas last summer, looting big-box retailers, setting fires and at times blowing up automated teller machines.

“We heard no talk of manhunts or big pushes for facial recognition technology or adding supportive politicians to no-fly lists,” she said. “Where were the cries for swift justice back then? Remember, a lot of the same people attacked state and federal institutions. And by the way, where are the cries for justice today as thugs continue to target federal courthouses in places like Portland and Philadelphia?

“Condemning violence shouldn’t be related to one’s ideology [or] the ideology of the perpetrator,” Ingraham concluded, “and neither should the call for justice, ever.”

Any discussion of “reprogramming” half the American population implies nefarious and illegal acts against citizens of The United States.  Such statements go against every thing that our Bill of Rights and Constitution are supposed to protect us from. People must denounce such ideas and thoughts, for they can only serve to add fuel to peoples fears as well as dump fuel onto already out of control fires in our nation.

What will 2021 have instore of us?  I honestly have no idea and I do fear for our children’s futures if our nation cannot find a way to come together and set aside the hate and anger that is currently burning everything we stand for as Americans.

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