INSANITY! This Iraq War Veteran Is Being Held Against His Will In VA Hospital…



Shamar Thomas once fought for his country’s freedom. Now he’s fighting that country for his own freedom…

Mike Sawyer / The Free Thought Project

“There is no honor in this.”


Northport, NY – Iraq Veteran and Freedom Fighter Shamar Thomas is currently being held against his will at the Northport Medical VA Center in Northport, NY. Thomas released a statement earlier today stating:

“Hello everyone this is Shamar Thomas and I’m in trouble. I’m at North Pork[sic] Veterans hospital and I’m being held here against my will.”

As we reported in May of last year, a YouTube video was published showing Thomas asserting his disappointment and outrage at the NYPD. Thomas was expressing his anger at the relentless and brutal violence he witnessed being used against peaceful demonstrators during the Occupy Wall Street Protests.

The veteran lambasted the NYPD for violating the rights of and brutalizing the very citizens he and many others fought to protect. Facing the mob of uniformed thugs, he repeated “There is no honor in this….there is no honor in hurting unarmed people,” and asked, “How do you sleep at night?”

Almost four years later, he is being held hostage after going to the VA for help. Thomas spoke with The Free Thought Project today and explained that he went in Tuesday when he experienced suicidal thoughts while drinking. This is not uncommon for war veterans, as statistics show that 22 veterans take their own lives every day.

Thomas explained to us that when he sobered up, he expressed that he was no longer having thoughts of hurting himself and wished to be released to seek counseling. He was told by Dr. Gregory Gunyan that he was not permitted to leave or even be evaluated until he agreed to swallow a cocktail of drugs, to which Thomas refused. According to Thomas, he was then informed he would be held indefinitely.

Four days later he is still being held hostage. The Free Thought Project reached out to hospital administrators but were met with hostility.

When asked for a statement, Assistant Director of the Hospital JoAnne Anderson told our investigator, “I have lots of information, but I’m not giving it to you.” Public Affairs Officer of the Hospital Joseph Sledge simply stated, “No comment.”

Even more disturbing, Thomas was then informed by Dr. Gunyan that his outside privileges were being taken away as punishment for the phone calls made to the hospital seeking a statement. Thomas expressed to The Free Thought Project that he is concerned that if any more calls are made, he may be further punished.

Thomas was also a contestant on the CBS reality show Survivor: Caramoan. He told CBS his motivation for being on the show was “to bring awareness to economical/social injustices and to bring honor and respect back to my community while inspiring the forgotten.

Shamar Thomas once fought for his country’s freedom. Now he’s fighting that country for his own freedom.

YouTube video via 1 Marine Vs. 30 Cops

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