Internet BLOWS UP After Snoop Dogg’s NEPHEW Sends Rape Threat To Melania Trump


Fact Check: Disgusting

Snoop Dogg’s worthless thug of a nephew, Lil’ Bow Wow just said something so despicable that it wouldn’t be shocking if some form of retribution was dealt out.  Tensions are running high in this country and the little punk decided he had to fan the flames of hatred by threatening to have Melania raped.   In a tweet sent out to his 3 million followers, the useless POS typed up the following: “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle @SnoopDogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”


Somehow this little rap barbarian thought that this was a good idea while he typed away with his paws and hit the send key.  Some sites are claiming that he thought this was a way to ‘defend’ his uncle Snoop Dogg.  Snoop released a video the other day where he pretends to shoot President Trump.  A screen shot is provided below:

Of Course Trump Supporters Aren’t Taking This Crap!

Following the savage and animal-like threat, many people began challenging Lil Bow Wow to enter the ring or octagon and fight it out with someone his own size.


And Of Course, The Dumb Feminists That Talk About “Rape Culture” Are Defending Lil Bow Wow


Who is Lil Bow Wow? Who Cares? Fine. I’ll Tell You:

Lil Bow Wow is an absolute nobody in the music industry.  His claim to fame is a movie about basketball where he finds a pair of sneakers and then is able to actually play basketball. That’s fitting because he was arrested for selling counterfeit sneakers a year ago.

Michael Moore Just Launched New Website- Internet ERUPTS After People See What’s On It


The mainstream hip-hop community has been moving steadily away from its roots as a storytelling genre and has devolved into a bunch of savage and degenerate statements that glorify sexual violence.  This is fact. I am sure I will receive countless complaints for writing the preceding sentences but it’s the undiluted truth.  Have you heard of “Trap Queen“?  That’s a song about prostitution.  The only problem is that it had to be marketed to the mainstream audience of stupid white girls that think the beat is catchy and it certainly couldn’t be played on the radio if it was glorifying the pimping of young women.  So they tried to change the definition.  Well the internet is forever and hip-hop and the culture that incubates it has a deep-rooted problem with objectifying, degrading, and selling women as sex slaves. Tough luck.  People need to learn what these terms mean. 



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