Internet ERUPTS After People Find Out What Trump HIDES Behind His Tie

Anything and everything that Donald Trump does gets scrutinized and criticized by the liberal ‘press’ and their brain dead followers. To be fair, we on the right do the same thing to a certain degree but usually what we are criticizing are important issues like Obama having the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House or not attending funerals of law enforcement officers or inviting a Muslim kid to the White House for bringing what looked identical to a bomb to school and things like that.

Well, I admit, we did make fun of his mom jeans but it made for good reading, lol.

But what liberals are going nuts over is quite ridiculous. Trump’s necktie…


No, he doesn’t have white power symbols or Swastikas printed on it- he has some ‘Scotch Tape’…

Seriously. This is a HUGE deal to these butthurt losers!

So, Trump got off his jet and the wind blew his tie revealing the evil pieces of tape he used to temporarily hold the tail to the back of his tie.

LMAO! Tacky? Well, perhaps but sometimes you have to ‘Jerry rig’ things on a moments notice.


But this was a huge deal to the Hillary lovers.

Take GQ Magazine:

“Donald Trump’s tie is held together with scotch tape, not unlike our fragile democracy.”

And of course, the libs came out in full force.

This lib Tweeted:

“Ran over to Macys to pick up a Trump brand tie clip. Great stocking stuffer!”

Oh man that’s so funny. What an idiot.

And this moron:

“pretty sure he uses the same technique on his combover.”

Oh hahahahahahahahahaha! Liberal putz.

And some people defended President Trumps last minute fix:

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“cool… innovative….smart!”


“If Obama did this he would be considered frugal and a genius since everyone knows the loop holder doesnt ever hold the small end”

Right on EMMA!

I like this one:

“….I rather Trump use tape than ignore our flag & Constitution like Obama been doing for the past 8 years.”


And this reply to People Magazine:

So practical, I like that!”

Fred Maxwell at Western Journalism points out that this is not the first time Trump has been criticized for his neckwear choices.

Following the second presidential debate, comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted that Trump was “sporting a fetching ‘tie hanging out the bottom of his jacket like a hungover limo driver’ look.”

David Yi, editor of the men’s grooming site Very Good Light, gave his opinion on Trump’s wardrobe choices.

What Trump Did To Blacks And Jews 30 Years Ago JUST Surfaced… This Could Change The Whole Election

“Let’s make it clear — when it comes to a presidential race, there are no style mistakes,” Yi told Yahoo News. “Everything is planned out methodically, [from] lapel size to tie color. So when it comes to Trump’s suits, of course the ill fit and copious jacket sizes are intentional. He wants to look larger than life.”


The president-elect was in Indianapolis to formally announce the tentative agreement he had made with Carrier to keep nearly 1,000 jobs, slated to be sent to Mexico, in the United States.

Seriously, I can’t stand liberals.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below!

God Bless.


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