Internet ERUPTS After People See What Clinton Is Doing With Hands On Airplane


Hillary Clinton was spotted on an airplane intently looking at a newspaper story about Vice President Pence’s email issues.

Hillary, who has her own issues with emails was on a flight from Boston to New York when a photographer named Caitlin Quigley noticed Clinton looking at a front-page story in USA Today about Pence’s controversy.


She snapped a photo.


Cinton has been under investigation for the illegal use of private email servers to send and receive official State Department information while running the agency.

The FBI investigation concluded that while Clinton’s actions as secretary of State were “extremely careless,” they weren’t not criminal.

Of course, most of would strongly disagree. She’s guilty as hell and everybody knows it.


Fox News reports that the probes, including Clinton testifying before Congress and giving a FBI deposition, appeared to hurt her credibility with voters and contributed to her historic defeat.

Pence’s email issues are related to his time as Indian governor.

On Thursday, attorneys for the vice president turned over 13 boxes of emails from his time as governor, according to The Indianapolis Star.

Pence spokesman Marc Lotter said the emails are from government accounts and from Pence’s private email account used for government business. That account was disclosed Thursday.

He also said that Pence’s attorneys tried to deliver boxes of emails on Jan. 9, Pence’s last day as governor. But there was a “lack of clarity” in state government about what to do with them, Lotter also said.

“I am very confident our email practices were in compliance with Indiana’s laws,” Pence told reporters Friday in Wisconsin.

He also there is “no comparison whatsoever” between his situation and Clinton’s, considering she “mishandled classified information” and “destroyed” emails requested by members of Congress and other officials.

It’s ridiculous that all of a sudden the filthy dems care about emails.

Freaking worthless leftist filth.

God Bless.



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