BREAKING: Internet ERUPTS After Leaked Document Surfaces Showing How Fast TRUMP Will Build The WALL

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BREAKING: “RAPID BUILD” Plan for Mexican Border Wall Leaked To The Public.

Internet Wild. Liberals At Psychiatrists. 

Brett MacDonald
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While we were not met with any major announcements today, a number of exciting developments kept politicos on the edge of their seats throughout the day and liberals in a puddle of their oh so salty tears!

Not the least of which was the meeting between President Elect Donald Trump and Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Secretary of State. Kobach is known for being an ardent defender of the integrity of the American borders. As such, he has made it a priority of his to not only participate in his administration duties as Secretary of the great state of Kansas, but also with close involvement with the Immigration Law Reform Institute.

Kobach was spotted openly carrying an immigration plan he was presenting to the President Elect Trump. On the top of the plan, the header indicated that it was for implementation via the Department of Homeland Security. But what really set the internet ablaze was a line that was just partially visible. It called for the “rapid” building of a border wall that would run the entire length of the border with Mexico.

Don’t think this was a mistake either. This was a coordinated photo-op, despite what the liberals are trying to frame it as.

This is huge.

yfplq8“Reduce intake of Syrian refugees to zero, using authority under the 1980 Refugee Act.”

The Immigration Law Reform Institute is one of the leading non-profit, scholastically-influenced institutions in America that is dedicated to limiting both legal and illegal immigration. They are part of the Federation for American Immigration Reform — but don’t let the name trick you. They’re no open-borders pushover.


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