Internet ERUPTS When People Notice What’s WRONG With Obama’s Hand During Nuclear Security Summit

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Obama has been a complete embarrassment for America and it looks like he will not stop until he moves back to where he was born- KENYA.

Surrounded by 54 world leaders at the 2-day Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington, D.C. Obama, seemingly stoned, made a fool of himself by clowning around during a very important and historic group photo.

It’s like this dude smoked so much pot in high school that he has never matured. It happens.

Looking like some kind of Kenyan hippie, while surrounded by world leaders that take their jobs seriously, Obama felt it was appropriate to flash a peace sign…

You might say, so what? This isn’t a big deal. Nixon did it.

Yeah, Nixon did but that’s no excuse for this moron to do it, not to mention it wasn’t at a FRICKING NUCLEAR SUMMIT!



Photo Credit/Daily Mail- Reuters

Look, these leaders got together to discuss the threat we are facing with Iran and other Muslim nations developing nuclear weapons and we have Obama acting like some drunken little dumba**.

Other leaders were NOT amused with the exception of the ultra liberal Canadian Prime Minister. But that figures, that dude is a weak pile of crap just like Obama.

Check it out.

3091And THIS.


This just goes to show you that, not that you don’t already know but, Obama doesn’t take the fact that ISIS is a huge threat to the world.

He also thinks Iran isn’t a problem.

This dude is a total embarrassment and the day can’t come soon enough that he is just a distant, as well as a disgustingly tragic memory.


God Bless.


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