Internet ERUPTS When Lib Jewelry Company TRASHES Ivanka Trump, What Happens Next Is LEGENDARY



A New York jewelry company is facing a social media firestorm after publicizing a politically-charged note they included with an online order made by Ivanka Trump. Sometimes it’s better to keep politics out of your company business. This is one of those times.

After receiving the order from Ivanka Trump for a gold-plated bronze ear cuff, Lady Grey attached a note to Trump’s daughter, a fashion designer herself, boasting how they donated the proceeds from her sale to various progressive causes and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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Designers Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader then proudly posted the note to Instagram.


It reads:

Dear Ivanka,

Thank you so much for your web order!

We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety organization and the Hillary Clinton campaign.


We hope you enjoy your new Lady Grey #helixcuff.

Best, Jill and Sabine

Lady Grey


Martinelli told fashion website “The Cut” that they were “flattered” to receive an order from Trump, but their “social and political views couldn’t be further from those of the [Donald] Trump campaign,” FOX reports.

Instagram user ‘Davkadeergirl’ wrote that the designers “threw their integrity out the door to get some fame,” while ‘papi_chica’ called the move “pathetic and tacky.”

The Internet exploded!



Of course the liberal rag Huff Po weighed in.


Huff Po got blasted:


But who gives a flying crap about Huffington post?


Here are just a few comments:

  • You are completely out of line to do this. I imagine your business will suffer significantly. Shame on you for doing this. Utterly distasteful
  • I wouldn’t buy anything from you ever. I hope you enjoy your new found fame.
  • You are a rude classless company and I hope you go out of business!
  • I can’t believe you would insult a customer and then brag about it. Really poor way of doing business. You won’t get my business since you’ve shown how little you care about your customer!
  • You all are nothing but a piece of trash lady grey and they should boycott you, anyone that is for Hillary Clinton after knowing all the lies and deception the corruption that she has done and you’re still for her, you’re just as corrupt as she is
  • Ill just triple the profit you made on this sale and donate it to the Donald J. Trump campaign and The NRA ….. #trump2016
  • Such poor judgement…I had never heard of them before but just think if they acted in a classy way what their sales might have been!!Instead they just killed off and aliented half of their perspective clientele by trying to be cute!Me thinks it may backfire… As a perspective customer that tells me they would not keep my purchase private, so why would I want to buy there?EVEN BIGGER QUESTION: If they do that to their paying clients, CAN YOU TRUST THEM WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION AND PERSONAL INFORMATION (address, email, phone, etc.)??????
  • First and foremost, this is am extremely classless response to a customer. Second, and perhaps more importantly, if this company feels it appropriate to donate money to organizations that are hell bent on stealing freedoms from American Citizens and/or organizations which seek to sell or Country to Illegal immigrants/”refugees”, then I’ll make sure that you never get the opportunity to waste any of my money on such. Finally,Target’s dismal failures after inserting themselves into politics should have been enough to deter any other business from making the same mistake, however, since your business either failed to take notice or blatantly approached these terrible business decisions with extreme disregard of their failure, then I can only hope that your business experiences the same. Good luck!
  • I don’t even like Trump, but this is ridiculous. You are trying to be cute, but you failed. You’ve not only violated a customer’s privacy, but what you did was just rude. Donate to whatever organizations you like. That’s fine. But why be so tacky? So rude?
  • The real shame here for this business is that Ivanka is a strong, classy female that strongly supports women owned businesses. She probably saw a piece she liked and wanted to support other women owned small businesses. Her wearing your jewelry would have been excellent marketing for you. What a shame, your ignorance will be your downfall.
  • Gross. Not impressed by a company who gives money to a corrupt politician who purports to be a champion of both women and gays while her foundation accepts money from countries who oppress them. Disgraceful
  • So Lady Grey is a classless bunch of left-wing aholes.
  • What a catty, unprofessional buissness. Childish and low-class. You think you’re for women? Out of line and out of business. Keep your jewelry, we don’t want it. #WomenforTrump #Trump2016
  • Your a disgusting business. How dare you, your jewelry is shit anyway classless business

LMAO! That is just the tip of the iceberg. There ate THOUSANDS of comments on all their posts absolutely slamming these leftwing, gun grabbing a holes!

Head over and let them know what you think! Feel free to post our article on the Lady Grey Facebook page and let’s put these scumbags out of business!

(h/t BizPac Review)

God Bless.

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