Internet EXPLODES After People Catch What “The Rock” Is Doing With Man In Parking Lot…


He has been dubbed The Great One, The People’s Champion and The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment. Mere words fail to capture the essence of the most charismatic Superstar of all time, though the catchphrase “boots to asses” comes awfully close. 

The first third-generation Superstar in WWE history, the man born Dwayne Johnson was destined for sports-entertainment immortality since birth, but his rise to the status of a pop culture icon was harder to predict. In the time since he made his debut as a grinning good guy at the 1996 Survivor Series, The Brahma Bull has won eight WWE Championships, headlined WrestleMania, hosted “Saturday Night Live,” written a New York Times bestselling autobiography, top-billed the popular HBO series “Ballers,” and starred in films like “Fast Five” and “The Game Plan,” which have grossed literally billions of dollars.


There’s no doubt that ‘The Rock” has been extremely successful. But there’s a side of him that you may not be aware of. He is very respectful of our elderly and our VETERANS!

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While leaving the gym fresh from a workout, Johnson ran into 73-year-old Vietnam veteran John Henderson, who was on his way in for a session of his own.


After visiting and stopping to let the vet take a photo on his phone, the actor started on his way again when something made him stop and turn around. He posted the experience on social media.

Photo credit/ Facebook

Photo credit/ Facebook

Here’s his post in it’s entirety:


Every hard core gym around the world has one “OG” of the gym. The man everyone knows and respects ’cause after all these years, he still “gets after it” daily. 73yr old, Vietnam vet, John Henderson is that man.

I was leaving the gym after my early morning workout and he was coming in and said “At some point I’d like to snap a pic with you before you leave our town”. I said “Well how bout we do it right now!?”

He took out his phone and we took the pic. He said “God bless you and thank you”. I said “You’re welcome and have a good day John”. I got in my truck and started to drive off. Buuuut then I thought “You know what let me go back and grab a pic with my phone with that OG who paved the way for so many of us”.

When he came back out he said, “Ya know I’ve been around this world my whole life and been inspired by a lot of things. This really makes me happy”. I said “I appreciate you and all you do. You inspire all of us to keep on keepin’ on”.

The best part was once we took this pic, he started to walk away and I got back up in my truck.. and he turned back and said “Dwayne… nutrition. Don’t forget your nutrition. It’s the most thing we can do.”

I smiled and said “Yes sir, I won’t!” and I drove off. Made me think that no matter where they come from – military, the streets, sports etc.. There ain’t nothin’ like that OG wisdom that can only come from years of experience. #OGWisdom #MrHenderson #ThatsThatGooooodShit

I love this. This veteran was thrilled, being a big fan of “The Rock’s” but more importantly, this proves that there are some entertainers that haven’t been poisoned by liberalism.

(Source- WWE)

(h/t IJ Review)


God Bless. 


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