Internet ERUPTS After Everyone Sees What Joe Biden Did During Speech- Did You Catch It?


The left continues to eat its own and the Democratic party continues to implode and not to be left out but “special” Joe Biden just chimed in his awkward way with a message for everyone about what he REALLY thought about Hillary — the man who served as vice-president for eight years under one of the most hated presidents to date by Republicans and Conservatives alike.

Biden appeared Thursday night at SALT in Las Vegas to speak to a room full of evil Wall Street banker types – you know the type, the ones that Obama and Biden spent 8 years vilifying and campaigning against only to now decide were wonderful post-presidency?


Now they will speak for them and dance for them and perform for them just like little trained monkeys? Biden spoke conducting yet another postmortem on Hillary’s campaign, speculating on who would have been the better candidate, when he made the statement –

“I never thought she was the correct candidate. I thought I was the correct candidate.”

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Obama administration Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday said he could run for president again, but he added that he “probably” wouldn’t.

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This from a man that ran 2 times and got 3% of the vote…..Because he was so successful when he ran before. It seems it is really easy to snipe from the sidelines.   He had 25 yrs to try and Hillary herself had 30 years. It doesn’t matter who was the “correct” candidate. They both LOST!!  Donald Trump WON!  History still says last time democrats win after another democrat left office was in 1856.  If they want to go with those odds?  I’ll take those odds ALL the way to Vegas myself!!
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Meanwhile, creepy Joe told the audience that he never thought Hillary Clinton “was a great candidate,” which also received claps from the audience. You know because why elect a qualified businessman when you could have an inappropriate, groping man who plagiarizes?
Apparently a 2020 run is not out of the question for Biden either with him stating that his priority, for now, was to focus on his family and concentrate on a few personal financial matters before deciding whether to run for president. “My family has to get back together,” he said. “If I get those things done, and I’m healthy and viable, and it looks like I’m the best man to do it, I may very well do it, but my family comes first.”

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